3 Reasons to Hire a Fire Watch Guard

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Business owners are responsible for the safety of customers and employees. If a fire breaks out, the alarm should blare, and sprinklers may start to spray water to try and control the fire. But when these fire alarms are inoperable, a business can be fined and anyone injured in the fire may be able to sue the business for negligence.

OSHA has many fire safety requirements for businesses.

Fire watch guards help businesses avoid fines and shut-downs relating to fire safety. Property owners hire these professionals to take care of their business’ fire safety needs. Professional firefighters work for companies like Fast Fire Watch Guards to offer the industry’s best fire watch services.

When hiring a fire watch guard, you’ll be able to:

1. Ensure Compliance on the City and State Levels

Guards are trained to monitor an area, keep logs and ensure that a business is fire marshal complaint. Remaining in compliance saves money in fines and penalties, and compliance also keeps your company from suffering from bad publicity.

Fire safety violations can lead to business being shut down, and a fire watch guard will lower these risks so that owners can focus on what’s most important: their business operations.

2. Professional Recommendations and Compliance

Fire safety compliance is important, and the firefighters that come to your business will make recommendations on how to best protect your business. These professionals offer long-term solutions and plans that will keep your business and its employees safe if a fire breaks out.

3. Protection During Repair or Replacement

Not only will firefighters be keeping logs and making recommendations, but these professionals come fully equipped the moment they step foot onto your property. Dangers will be identified quickly, and fire safety solutions will be dispatched.

If any safety systems need to be replaced or repaired, these professionals can offer their assistance in putting out fires, or helping employees or customers get to safety.

Unexpected equipment failure can lead to serious injury or death. Fire watch guards will be able to protect you and your patrons, helping ensure that everyone is safe even if a fire breaks out.

Fire watch guards will be able to help businesses mitigate their risk of loss, damage to property and also lower the risk of liability. These professionals can offer:

  • Patrolling of a premises, such as a construction site, so that there’s a 24/7 watch over the facility’s safety.
  • Identification of hazards and conditions that may increase the risk of a fire.
  • Address any potential fire risks before they become a problem.
  • Keep logs and records of relevant fire risks and hazards that have been encountered. The logs are often required by insurance companies and authorities.
  • Check all of the equipment, including monitoring systems, to ensure full functionality.
  • In the event that a fire does break out, fire watch will be able to offer rapid fire department assistance as well as provide the fire department with relevant information to ensure a rapid response.

Fire watch guards are available to work on construction sites, business locations where fire systems are not working, or when extreme fire hazards or risks exist.