4 tools you should use to protect your digital privacy

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These past few years have been crucial for internet privacy. And it’s not going to get better, which means that we either give up any hopes of having privacy or stand up for our rights.

Since Facebook and Google won’t change their habits, we must change ours. Win back your privacy with NordLocker: encrypt your files and share them securely. No third-party will be able to use your files to track you. Try NordLocker today for Windows and Mac and get 5 GB of free encryption.

Crucial time for truth and privacy

If Trump’s impeachment trial has taught us anything is that we’re not living in a fantasy. Truth and honesty do not always win. Facebook is selling elections, Google is using its search engine to manipulate people, and you can only guess how much Alexa does listen in. Even when they get fined, they recoup expenses within days.

Make no mistake: these years will determine whether people can expect any privacy in the future. And not just online, but in the streets and our homes, too.

We can’t know how the battle for privacy will end. Will we soon be living in a dystopian society where we’re being tracked 24/7 no matter where we go? Or will we win some privacy back?

In any case, Pandora’s box is open now, and it will be terribly hard to close. That’s why when it comes to our digital lives, privacy is a must.

Here are 3 tools that will help you improve your privacy.

1. DuckDuckGo

A privacy browser that does not track you. It does not store your private information or browsing history.

2. NordLocker

The fastest and easiest-to-use encryption tool right now. With NordLocker, you control who, when, and where can see your files. We can’t know if we’ll be hacked, but it’s better not to wait to find out.

3. VPN

You digitally sign every website you visit. That’s why companies have no trouble tracking and exploiting your habits. VPN has many useful features, but most importantly, it will hide your IP address from the companies spying on you.

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  • February 20, 2020 at 12:49 am

    Seems like you missed one tool. Maybe it’s a password manager? Because not using one makes us really vulnerable with our weak and reused passwords. But I haven’t considered NordLocker before, I’ll try it out as soon as I can.

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