5 of the most strategic partnerships made by William Hill in the last year 

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The online betting market is incredibly saturated in 2020.

That’s why partnerships are so important. Not only do partnerships offer two businesses the chance to use each other’s assets, but they also give one another a platform and access to a new audience. Partnerships in 2020 are an incredibly smart business move.

William Hill are one of the leading companies in the game right now when it comes to sports betting and online gambling. So is it any wonder that they’ve made some incredible partnerships in the community across the last year?

In this blog post,we’ll be going over William Hill in more depth. We’ll be looking at 5 of the company’s most strategic partnerships from 2019 to now, looking at how they have impacted the business and the gambling community as a whole.


To start off with, one of the most intriguing recent partnerships that William Hill has made is with IGT. If you haven’t heard of IGT before, they’re known for producing incredible software, technology and digital solutions relating to the gaming industry.

This partnership is aimed at producing new, enhanced versions of the Sportsbook Rhode Island app and website. Both of these companies have incredible experience and drive, so we’re sure that the app and website are going to be splendid.


The William Hill and BetMakers partnership is arguably one of the biggest partnerships in the industry right now. They’re both industry giants in their own right, and have worked together beautifully so far. As reported here, the partnership has just been extended and upgraded.

If you have not heard of BetMakers before, they’re one of the biggest technology and data partners for bookkeepers and bettors all around the world. They’re particularly experienced with horse racing, but work well with any gambling related project. 

This partnership is surely going to have a positive impact on the industry, and provide a better quality of gambling experience for customers as well.


As many of you will be aware of by now, the worlds of digital gaming and gambling are further intertwined than they ever have been before. Gambling companies are seeing the benefits of working with modern tools, like live-streaming platforms and eSports teams, and gaming giants are seeing the demand for gambling content.

One of the most important partnerships to be aware of in this vein is the partnership between NetEnt and William Hill. NetEnt is a huge digital organization that specializes in producing content for gaming and gambling, so the partnership with William Hill makes a lot of sense.

As reported in this article, this partnership relates to NetEnt and land-based gaming. This is a sector that William Hill has a lot of experience in, so we’re sure that this is going to go great.


PushGaming is a slot provider that has made a very positive impression on the community so far. They have a wonderful portfolio of slot machines and games available, which is exactly what has made them so popular with the community.

Their partnership with William Hill focuses entirely on a consistent supply of intriguing games. We’re confident that the expertise from both parties in this partnership will create a great gaming experience for all. 


William Hill is involved with every element of the sporting world,  and they’ve recently put together a partnership that brings up their presence in the world of martial arts. Bellator is one of the leading MMA providers in the industry, and William Hill have just signed an intriguing partnership with them.

As the article notes, this is an exclusive partnership and will be running all throughout the European series with Bellator this year. It’s going to be an interesting year for sports entertainment and martial arts betting, that’s for certain, and we can’t wait to see where this partnership takes all of the companies involved.

To sum up 

As you can see, it’s been an incredibly strong 12 months for William Hill.

They’ve made some incredible partnerships all across the industry, and have solidified their place as being one of the strongest companies in the sector right now. It’s no surprise that they have generated such an immensely loyal fanbase online.

This mass of partnerships raises questions about where the gambling community is going to end up by the end of the year. Will we see William Hill reach out to more incredible brands to create new alliances? Will other companies follow suit and start forging partnerships with each other to stand out from the crowd? Only time will tell, and our team can’t wait to find out.

Companies who fail to make the right partnerships and alliances in the community are surely going to fall behind this year. As many of you reading this will know by now, the industry is incredibly saturated, so any opportunity to upgrade and stand out should be taken.

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