5 Reasons to Try a Steel Tongue Drum

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A steel tongue drum is one of the most unusual percussion instruments. Having never seen or heard of such a thing, people often wonder “What is it?” when they see it for the first time. A steel tongue drum looks like something that came from space. And it sounds the same! Here, we will tell you about the benefits of this unusual instrument so that you can find out why it is so exciting to play it. If you’re already interested, it’s time to read the expert steel tongue drums reviews and pick one for yourself.

1. No Education Required

A steel tongue drum is an instrument where harmony is incorporated automatically. Almost all intervals will be euphonic. So you can just rely on your hearing, taste, and mood. This way, you can easily find the sounds you like. The only thing you shouldn’t do is scatter your attention to all the items at once. Focus on a few tongues, play with their sound, switch to the next, change, and alternate. In this way, you will develop your hearing and learn how to transmit exactly what you intended with the instrument.

2. Compactness

This percussion instrument is relatively small so that it won’t take up much space in your backpack or bag. It also doesn’t weigh too much. You can easily take it with you wherever you go. It may not be useful for you in the office or on the subway, but this drum can be a great companion on a hike.

3. Relaxation

Since you don’t have to study theory or work hard to master the play, you can use the tool to relax. This is a kind of meditation. Just pick the sounds you like best and let the music do its thing. You can also combine it with other instruments if you have some experience. A tongue drum can be your best entertainment after a hard day’s work or when you just need to relieve stress. It is not a joke, as sound healing is at the core of many cultural traditions.

4. Great Idea for Children 

As we have said, this drum is lightweight and compact. Furthermore, it does not require a long learning curve. But that’s not even the main reason why it’s suitable for kids. All sounds on this instrument are combined according to the scale. Unlike with a xylophone, you don’t have to listen to a set of random sounds. Besides, this drum will do an excellent job of developing hearing and sense of rhythm in young musicians.

5. Entertain and Heal

A steel tongue drum is an excellent instrument for beginners and kids. You can come up with tunes and play it without a lot of theory or special skills. With its help, you can develop hearing and a sense of rhythm. Besides, it is an excellent option for relaxation. This drum is also compact and easy-to-travel with. You can have fun with it wherever you are.