5 Simple Tech Gifts For The Working Professional

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The holidays are one of the few times of the year when most people take a break from work to enjoy an eggnog or two with friends and family. But not everyone gets the memo. When you have a workaholic on your list, you’re lucky if you get to see your friend for a Christmas cocktail before they’re back at the office.

Whether they’re a nomadic freelancer or a dedicated desk jockey, you can capitalize on their exemplary work ethic to find gifts to help them get things done. These gadgets and accessories are perfect for any working professional and span the gamut of smart AI to grime-resistant skins.

Here’s your one-stop shop for the busy bee in your life.

1. A Charging Backpack

First up is a commuter bag that flies under the radar. At first look, the Tylt Executive Power Bag looks like any sophisticated side bag capable of carrying your typical work gear. On a closer inspection, you’ll see the Tylt is set up to be a portable charging station. It’s equipped with a generous cable-routing system to allow for the simultaneous charging of devices in different pockets.

With a 5,200 mAh Quick Charge Battery, it can recharge phones and tablets while you move from A to B, no wall outlet required. This multitasking bag is perfect for any professional who’s chronically low on power and needs a stylish bag to keep up with their workload.

2. A Smart Coffee Maker

For the professional who works early mornings and late nights, a smart coffee maker is one of this season’s must-haves. It’s also a perfect addition to the office if you like having a cup of joe at your side no matter what time you’re working.

Give your caffeine fix a jolt of something new with the Behmor Connected Coffee Maker. It fully integrates with Amazon Alexa, giving you the option to voice activate your brewing schedule. You can set a schedule for the Behmor to follow, tweaking temperature controls, pre-soak time, and altitude for the best cup of coffee possible.

3. A Sophisticated MacBook Skin

If meeting with a client offsite and presenting a report in front of the CEO are common tasks in your work day, the look of your tech matters as much as the substance of your proposals. You can’t walk into a meeting with a shabby Mac any more than you could walk in totally unprepared to share your ideas in a competent manner.

That’s why it’s so important to wrap up a set of MacBook skins for any professional on your list, including yourself. You can create custom skins for your MacBook that cover up any cosmetic damages it may have, camouflaging them with the latest black matrix or bamboo designs. Think of a MacBook like a suit — fit is everything, so make sure you shop from companies like dbrand that offer superior fit and customization.

4. A Conference Cam

Working remotely means sometimes jumping onto Skype to speak with clients, co-workers, and managers. It may also mean you’re leading an occasional video conference from half-way across the world. Unfortunately, using the MacBook’s built-in camera doesn’t always put your best face forward.

You can make sure you look and sound your best by investing in the Logitech C9922 Stream Pro. It’s a high-def web camera with H.264 video compression for the best streaming frame rates. It also comes with a mic that cancels many of the background sounds that inevitably mess with your audio.

5. A Set of Wireless Headphones

Whether working in a communal office, your living room, or a café, your workstation may vary, but they all can get a little loud. You may end up competing against officemates on the phone, your kids playing in the other room, or a coffee shop full of chatty patrons.

Tune them all out with The Dash Pro, a set of discrete in-ear headphones that deliver quality audio with noise cancellation. It’s set up with Bluetooth, making them the perfect addition to a day full of phone meetings. They also come with the option to allow full audio transparency, so you can still hear traffic if you have a walking or cycling commute.

Workaholics take their job seriously, so why not treat them with a gift that matters this year. Tap into their professional life for inspiration, and get something practical they can use during their 9–5. That’s the easy part, as long as you look to this list for guidance. Now, the hard part is convincing them to take a break this holiday, so you can exchange gifts. Good luck!