Give Your Corporate Party a Theme to Make It a Hit

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You’ve been set the task of planning the next big corporate party. You have a budget, you’ve set a date, you’ve got the venue and now you’re just missing a little creativity to really get the ball rolling. With a creative idea for your party, important things like décor, food, and entertainment just fall into place.

Aside from offering the chance for employees to bond, corporate parties have plenty of benefits for the company and workers. By hosting a stylish party with a great atmosphere, you boost staff retention by showing employees they’re valued and you boost morale by giving everyone the chance to relax and feel recognized for their hard work. With the help of The Food Dudes to meet your catering needs, you can focus on finding entertainment for your party and its theme.

Why Throw a Great Party?

A corporate party, especially one with a great theme, is an opportunity to capture the best of your company and its staff. With people smiling and enjoying themselves, you can take photos and videos to promote your business while boosting company morale— it’s a great PR move that shines a positive light on the company while growing your online presence. With that in mind, here are some examples of corporate party themes to really make your event shine.

The Sporting Life

Maybe your company is in a city with spirit where sporting events are looked forward to and celebrated. Even without a singular team to root for, you likely have an office full of sports fans of all different types. With employees that are likely from different cities and countries, you may have a diverse group of sports fans on your hands. When it’s playoff season, March Madness, the Super Bowl, or any other exciting sporting season, gathering your staff around a sporting event is a great way to build enthusiasm and boost engagement. You can decorate your party space with team colours and serve foods like chicken wings, nachos, and chili along with some beer and cider drink options.

Country Fair

You can throw a carnival-inspired corporate party outdoors to really replicate the feeling of a country fair, but during colder months you can give your employees a treat with an indoor carnival party. Think of stringed lights, balloons, and maybe even some fake turf to really bring the outdoors in.

The country fair theme will bring out the nostalgic side of your employees and comes with all sorts of on-brand entertainment and snacks. Work with a caterer to make the most of this theme. You can set up a cotton candy machine and serve fresh popcorn, hot dogs, and hamburgers (with veggie and vegan optionsto please everyone).

Decades Party

You might have a wide range of age groups in your staff, so throwing a themed era party is a fun way to let everyone participate in the popular fashion trends of decades past. Of all the corporate party theme ideas, a decades party allows for a real blast to the past with some great photo opportunities. Think of an 80s party that invites your staff to wear their best shoulder pads or a 50s party with the formal-stylish attire you might see in Mad Men.

Time and energy spent showing your employees how much you care will always be time and energy well-spent. With a cohesive theme to your corporate party, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to play around with ideas for food and entertainment that will engage everyone.