7 Tips For Boosting Productivity with Guy Lelouch

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Being successful at work is highly determined by your productivity. Employers are always looking for the best output from their employees. If you are not productive at work, your prospects at work will be in a lot of trouble.

Have you noticed that you have a lot of productivity issues? Well, you need to find the best ways to allocate your time. Guy Lelouch shares some of the best ways to boost your productivity at work effortlessly.

1. Set Your Schedule For The Next Day Before Leaving The Office

Start by prioritizing the tasks that need to be finished. Even during emergencies or any other interruptions, you will have an idea of the tasks to complete when you are back to the desk. Having a schedule keeps you focused and organized. Also, there’s a lot of satisfaction crossing off the completed items once you are done.

2. Take A Break When You Are Tired (5 to 10 Minutes)

If you are mentally exhausted, take a small break to the water cooler or down the hall. Also, you can get out of the office and go to the restaurant across the street for a cup of coffee. Taking breaks from work will increase your productivity, improve your blood flow and allow you to approach the work with fresh eyes.

3. Reduce Multitasking

Many people love multi-tasking. However, doing more than one task at a time will be more harmful than you think. That’s because you are likely going to become distracted. Eventually, the quality of your work will suffer.

4. Remove Potential Distractions

Yes, you will experience some distractions during the day. However, you need a way to reduce them considerably. Always keep your office door closed. If there’s a coworker trying to start office gossip, let them know that you’re trying to finish something. Of course, make sure you don’t brush off your superiors.

5. Set Deadlines And Stick To Them

Just like you would set a deadline for a financial budget, you need to set some for your tasks and budget your time to finish them faster. If you set proper deadlines, you can finish your tasks faster and guarantee the best efficiency.

6. Don’t Take Heavy Or Large Lunches

Rather than taking heavy lunch that will leave you fatigued, you should snack on foods rich in antioxidants, fiber and proteins. Eat a granola bar or berries during lunch to feel more focused. Sugary foods or energy drinks will only keep you going for a short while before you crash. Eventually, you will have a hard time working for the rest of the day.

7. Keep Your Workspace Clean

If your desk is cluttered, you will have a hard time concentrating on your job. You always spend too much time looking for misplaced papers. That time could have been spent completing a specific task. Take advantage of apps to categorize and organize your mailbox online. It’s the best way to save time looking for emails.

In conclusion, it’s very easy to lose your productivity at work. Eventually, you will fall behind and not meet your deadlines. However, by using these tips to boost your productivity, you’re best suited to meet all your deadlines and check off everything in your to-do list.