Ahmed Nashaat, Considerations when investing in your property

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Ahmed Nashaat has been working in project management for the construction industry for over 20 years and he specializes in home renovation work. I was fortunate enough to have Ahmed recommended by a close friend of mine recently when we decided to have a new kitchen put in at home and the work which they completed was absolutely perfect. I was speaking to Ahmed whilst the work was being undertaken about what he thought were the perfect conditions for a home renovation and if this is something that you wish to consider then here are some of the things that you should be thinking about before you decide.

Problem Solving

Home renovation work doesn’t always have to be completed simply to solve a problem but in the main, this is what we should be looking to do when investing in our own homes. If most of us are being honest there are small faults of the characteristics of our homes which don’t work and any renovation work should include at least some solutions to issues. For example, if you are having a new bathroom installed for aesthetic value, it may be a good opportunity to look at the plumbing work in the home whilst you are at it. Regardless of your intentions, you should be thinking about what issues you can resolve in the property.

Added Value

Despite what many people may think home renovations do not always add value to your home, many can of course, but not all do. Take for example the trend of installing an additional room where the garage currently is, in some markets we have seen these homes prove to be far more expensive as a result of this work, but in many cases people are looking for a garage and if you have converted yours, you may find that you haven’t added the value that you were hoping for. Smart home renovation can pay for itself with the added value on the property, a new kitchen or bathroom, for example, will make the property more desirable and more expensive as a result. If you aren’t interested in the value of your property then, by all means, do as you please but if you are then you should look into the best ways of renovating the property to add that value.

The Right Team

Once you know what renovation work you would like to have carried out you should invest a lot of time in finding the right team of planners and construction experts to complete the project. Unfortunately, there are a great many companies out there who claim to work to a high standard who simply cannot and given the size of most home renovation jobs, you cannot run any risks in this regard. You should be shopping around and speaking with a variety of companies who work in renovations, comparing prices and expertise. Keep searching until you are completely happy with the choice of the company to carry out your project, no matter how long it may take.