Arnon Dror on How to Be a Great Business Person

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Here in Portland, Oregon Arnon Dror has forged a career as a highly successful and widely respected businessman and he is someone who has always strived to be the best business person that he can be. Throughout his 25 years in business, Arnon has proven himself as having excellent finance skills, he has perfected his business acumen and he has used his skills and knowledge to support younger businesses as well, trafficking knowledge, contacts, and clients to new and fresh businesses. We caught up with Arnon to find out what he thinks makes the perfect business person.

Forward Thinking

Arnon Dror believes that in order to be a great business person you must always be looking forward and staying one step ahead of the game. There is a common saying in business that you need to innovate or die, and this is something which he has held on to during his whole career. With a forward-thinking approach, you can not only see danger before it arrives and plan for it but also spot new trends and new gaps in the market which you can exploit.


Something which Arnon certainly doesn’t buy into is the draconian approach to business which many owners have and he believes that kindness is, in fact, the way forward. This is of course not to suggest that Arnon is a man without discipline, he very much is and he knows when to exercise his strength in terms of managing people. Arnon confesses however that he prefers not to be the disciplinarian and believes that through kindness you can still move mountains in the business world.

Work Ethic

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Arnon is someone who will always look to perfect his craft and strive for perfection and this is thanks to his hard work ethic which he has always had. Without hard work, you will fail in Arnon’s eyes and this is something that he believes many business people lack. We have seen this many times before where someone believes that they have a great business idea, yet they do not back up that idea with hard work, ultimately resulting in failure.


Beyond the qualities of the product or service that you offer, you must be able to put together a team in your business which will work in perfect synergy with one another to achieve your business goals. One of the biggest mistakes which Arnon says that people make is failing to put together a strong collective within their company, focusing instead on high-quality individuals. Arnon has always believed that a lower skilled team that works well together will always succeed more than a team of highly skilled individuals who do not work well with one another. Get your recruitment right and put teams together who compliment each other, do this and your business has a far greater chance of success.