Mack Prioleau – Keys to the Perfect Instagram Content

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels in the world and it is used by millions of people daily who document their lives through photos and videos. I was pretty late to the Instagram party but my buddy Mack Prioleau has been active on the site for many years and during our time at Vanderbilt University he was always sharing information and highlights from the football team, as well as doing some opinion-based stuff. Now Mack Prioleau makes his money from his Instagram channel and he is widely considered to be a very attractive influencer within football. Everybody discusses the importance of high-quality content on sites such as Instagram and these are the keys which Mack Prioleau says are what you need to create that beautiful content.


The Image which you upload is not only about the main aspect of the photograph that you are showing off, it is about the image on the whole and you need to make sure that you present the item with a great background. Mack Prioleau calls this the four corners approach which basically involves looking diagonally from corner to corner, to make sure that the whole image looks beautiful and high quality. You could take the background out of focus to highlight the main attraction, alternatively, you can use it to support the image such as adding a glove and a pair of football boots when showing off a new ball, where the ball would take center stage and the other products would support it.

Filters and Tweaks

If you don’t have a fancy, high tech camera then this is not a real issue as there is so much software out there which you can use to make your images look amazing. Of course, you will need a good camera to start with, a smartphone camera alone can be enough. The point here is not to simply accept the limitations of your camera and to instead utilize this software to brighten, sharpen, clean up, crop or darken your images, in order to create something which grabs the gaze of the viewer. Remember that this is what it is all about, grabbing someone’s attention, think about how you scroll through Instagram, what is that makes you stop and look? If you can create something that you would gladly look at then you can be confident that others will too.


Your image doesn’t have to be a simple photograph which has some filters on top of which have been altered slightly, you can also add graphics which can help to bring your photo to life. Depending on the kind of content you are looking to create, graphics added on top of the photograph can give you a quirky and attractive final product. Mack Prioleau will often add the odd ‘Kaboom’ or ‘Pow’ graphics on top of images of football tackles, and they help to create something which really grabs the attention more than the original image would. As long as this is done in line with the theme of your page, it can look really cool.