Alabama can stop at least one execution

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Alabama is known for many things, lately its Senate candidate who is alleged to be a pedophile and its relish for putting people to death.

According to eyewitnesses at several of their most recent state-sanctioned killings, the prisoners could be seen writhing in pain and most vividly, in the case of Doyle Lee Hamm, repeated jabbing with a needle. To call lethal injection anything other than torture would be morally reprehensible.

Walter Leroy Moody, Jr. (ADC)

Walter Leroy Moody, Jr. is schedule to be tortured to death in Alabama, and he has, through his lawyers, petitioned the governor, Kay Ivey, for clemency.

Nearly 22 years ago Moody was convicted of murdering Judge Robert Smith Vance, Sr. of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Moody did not have counsel at his trial and did not have any witnesses or evidence presented to mitigate his sentence. In addition, the victim was strongly opposed to the death penalty, as Moody’s petition makes clear.

So Governor Ivy can either carry out the state-sanction killing or accommodate the victim’s wishes and commute Moody’s sentence to life in prison.

Below is Moody’s petition. Click to open.