Alt Right thinking is a real danger

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The Alt Right can not be allowed to have it both ways. In their world, no non-Christian foreigner, certainly any of Muslim background, would ever be allowed in this nation. They’d love to start with what they call a travel ban, expand it to a permanent ban, and then begin the process of rounding up and shipping out anybody who worship’s Islam.

Their agenda would move on to separate states with the most profitable areas reserved for people of only white ancestry while blacks can have the nearly uninhabitable inner cities and south. In between they would set up a pecking of order of sorts depending on how pure your blood line is while handing out free one way tickets to Hispanics to return to life south of the wall they want to construct.

These are smart people behind this movement and not a bunch of clowns dressed in white robes burning crosses. They have carefully and meticulously split the nation into camps and defined them on their beliefs, or lack there of, color, income, gender preference, and of course politics. Backed by money, they have begun to pressure the more moderate and open minded members of the GOP to side with them on a variety of issues or risk facing a well financed candidate of their own who will win in a primary.

The Alt Right would like us to think CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and NPR are a threat to our future, go to great lengths to fill our heads with lies, and make no attempt to air the truth while their favorites like FOX News and Breitbart are fighting the mainstream. Their dream is to see enough of the nation view their limited thinkers of hate as the mainstream, allowing them to sink their claws into the thinking of future haters, kids and young adults who will grow up to support their racist thinking.

Anyone who is brave enough to be outspoken against them is attacked on a personal and dehumanizing level while they color their promoters of hate, people like Alex, Roger, Bill, Sean, Rush, Sarah, Ann, or Donald as God loving patriots. They have the gall to compare these people to the likes of Ronald, Abe, Thomas, and George when in fact they are more in line with Adolph, Joseph, and Benito when it comes to the methods they use.

When tragedy strikes like it did recently in London, these criminally-thinking brain washers would have us believe the mayor of that city is an idiot, all Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S., and this would never happen if everyone on that bridge was carrying guns. You see, there is no room in their hearts or minds for compassion for the victims of an attack like London or even the victims of gas attacks in Syria because they are too busy searching for excuses to spread gun ownership amongst the chosen white Christians their Bible demands.

But then they grow silent whenever a person, usually white, usually Christian in upbringing, and usually male, decides it is time to go on a shooting spree. Maybe it is a school filled with innocent children that just so happens to employ a female teacher with enough sense to have dumped the dude. Maybe it is a place of employment that fired the nut for his constant ramblings and harassment of employees. Perhaps it is a neighbor holed up in a bedroom he still lives in at his parents home who goes off on his neighbors. Then again, it could be a local church that claims to practice Christianity while appealing to people of color.

Every time this happens their response is the same. The shooting never would have happened if every one in the room were armed. Maybe they relent a little and say fewer victims would have been shot if all adults were armed. They fail to grasp the nature of their absurdity because they have eaten false information since the day they were born. Worse, they are the end result of the poison they were fed by their sick-minded parents.

Long before Al Franken was a U.S. Senator from Minnesota, he wrote the definitive book on Rush Limbaugh — and several others (Wikipedia)

Now they want to poison us through the airwaves of their media. They want to see our mainstream media censored while theirs is expanded just as much as they want to rid the world of all Muslims, and by ridding us of them, I mean all of them. They will wait to then go after Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, and of course Atheists.

Liberals will call for more extreme gun measures and be labeled as people who do not respect the very Constitution the Alt Right seeks to destroy. They will go on and label the left as promoters of hate because they have enough common sense and respect for what our nation stands for to want to bring in refugees and prevent racist legislation from becoming the law of the land. They are called obstructionists even though they hold no majority in either house, have lost the Oval Office, and still have a minority of justices on the Supreme Court.

There is no talking sense into the Alt Right. There is no room for compromise with them either. They are going all in and want nothing more than to build a new nation, one whose foundation consists of the building blocks of hate, separation, and the reduction of liberty for those who are not the chosen ones.

It is vital we who oppose these sick individuals and rely on common sense while continuing to defend anyone who is attacked by them. Yes, an attack on one is an attack on all who oppose the narrow-minded who would not only have people believe they are patriots for what they are doing, but are also true examples of the Christian way of thinking they have bastardized.

The Alt Right are like cockroaches, patiently waiting for the lights to go out so they can quietly come out from the cracks they hide in and wreak havoc. They have been around longer than anyone would like to admit. They are the end result of many of us allowing them to spew hate for far too long because we fooled ourselves into thinking their hatred would die out as we expanded the rights and liberties to all who have been excluded.

In this sense, we have failed miserably. It is now time for us to stand up, speak out, and fight this sickness with all we have because the Alt Right really believes they have the upper hand. If we remain silent, hoping they will just fade away, we will be handing them our freedom and giving them a nation they will turn into something that resembles nothing like the one our founding fathers built.

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Top photo: Alex Jones of Info Wars is the leading Alt Right nut bar on the internet today