Alternate medicine: What do you know about the drugs you take?

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You were riding your bicycle when suddenly something jumped out at you and you swerved quickly to avoid a collision only to hit a curb and get slammed to the ground. Ouch! Your right elbow really hurts so you go off to see your physician more commonly but incorrectly referred to as “the doctor” and he or she looks at your wound, maybe takes an x-ray and cheerfully informs you that there is no fracture. But oh boy does it hurt, so your physician grabs his or her prescription pad and writes a prescription for Vicodin. You head over to your local pharmacy and get the prescription filled. Once you have the drug you head straight for the water fountain and swallow one or two pills and not too long after the pain begins to subside.


Wow! That is truly wonderful and you are very happy with the result as you should be. But there is actually a lot more you need to know and odds are neither your physician nor your pharmacist bothered to provide you with this information. You see with Vicodin, as with all prescription and even non-prescription drugs, there are side effects, sometimes even deadly side effects and while they may be rare they can and do occur and you simply cannot possibly make an informed decision absent all of the facts. So here is what you should know but most likely were never told can happen with the use of Vicodin.

  1. Addiction, Abuse and Misuse.
  2. Life threatening respiratory depression
  3. Neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome should you happen to be a pregnant woman.
  4. Acute liver failure

… to name but a few. Now I admit these are fairly rare but even if you rarely die from your medications shouldn’t you at least know that there is a possibility?

Another wildly over prescribed drug is Glucophage aka Metformin. With roughly 60% of the American population being clinically obese there is a pretty good chance that about 60% of the American population is either already taking Metformin or soon will be taking Metformin for their Type 2 diabetes. Pop that Metformin and you may very well get your blood sugar levels down, but you may very well also experience one or more of these side effects.

  1. (Nenita Irwin)

    Acute infection of your nose, throat or sinus.

  2. Diarrhea
  3. Head pain
  4. Abdominal swelling
  5. Acute respiratory distress
  6. Severe liver damage

… and much more.

Then there was the time when I was diagnosed with advance stage prostate cancer. I was told I needed radiation treatments, 42 in all. I reluctantly agreed even though I never could figure out the wisdom of treating cancer with a carcinogen.

Once that was done I was told that to completely eliminate the cancer I needed to submit to some chemo therapy. So very reluctantly I agreed to be injected with Firmagon in the belly at $600 a pop. By the second injection that drug was making me severely psychotic. I would literally sit in a dark room starring at a TV that was not on and thinking in great detail about people I was going to kill. That had to stop. So when I went back for what was supposed to be my third injection I told the doctor that if he came at me with that needle again I would take it from him and stick it in his forehead.

My independent research, I explained, had led me to firmly believe that a steady daily dose of CBD oil would kill off the remaining cancer. Of course he refused to accept that but he knew he could not force me to keep getting the Firmagon so he asked me to come back in two months so he could check my PSA [Prostate Specific Antigen].

For 60 days I took my CBD oil faithfully every day at a cost of $20 and NOT $1200 and went back to the doctor. He drew my blood and very quickly announced that I no longer had any cancer. Despite the clear evidence he refused to credit the CBD oil because the makers of CBD oil don’t use pharma reps to wine and dine physicians. And in case you are wondering CBD oil comes from cannabis but is not the component that makes you high, it just kills cancer. My only regret was not taking the CBD oil before agreeing to the radiation treatment

Now you may believe whatever you want to believe but increasingly I have come to have severe doubts about the efficacy of modern western medicine. I am completely convinced that even competent well-meaning medical doctors are way to much influence of big pharma and big pharma wildly opposes alternative and more natural remedies because it could cost them to lose billions of dollars and not because they offer better remedies.

So allow me to boldly suggest that you begin to do a little research on your own whenever the good doctor writes that prescription. First Google the drug and see for yourself all of its negative side effects. Then Google alternative ways of treating whatever condition you may have. You might just find yourself living longer and better. Japan has the highest life expectancy of any nation on earth and while they do employ some western medicine they mostly rely on the far more natural oriental health care. Could there be a connection?

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