Author Jamie Schulz Discusses Her Breakout Novel Masters Mistress

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Jamie Schulz’s book Masters’ Mistress: The Angel Eyes Series Book One is the hottest read of 2020. This steamy dystopian romance takes place in a terrifying future where women own men, setting the stage for an epic romance, one that defies the status quo in the dark world Schulz has created.  Masters’ Mistress is the steamy first book in a dystopian cowboy romance series called Angel Eyes. Fans of complex characters, gritty western settings, and slow-burning desires will love this riveting story, which will no doubt keep them reading long after they expected. We were thrilled when Jamie Schulz agreed to have a chat with us, about her work, and what’s coming next.

Most books have a back story about their creation. What inspired you to write this series — starting with the Prequel in Jake’s Redemption and now Masters’ Mistress?

Well, Jake’s story came to light about two years ago, but I actually wrote the first five books of Bret and Angel’s story long before I even thought of writing Jake’s. But, the more I got into the series, the more I felt that Jake (and Monica too) had become such an important secondary character that his story needed to be revealed.

Even though the story in my book takes place in a not-so-distant future, the premise for the reverse society in the Angel Eyes Series came from events in United States history. History has always been a big inspiration for me. So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that what got the whole series started was a high school history lecture on the American Civil War. I remember thinking, “What could be worse than living as a slave?” The idea grew and morphed as my friends and I discussed the topic. Especially after I brought up two questions:

  1. “What if slavery wasn’t about race, but, instead, about gender?”

  2. “What if women were the ones in control and most of them weren’t all that nice?”

Those ideas sparked a long, interesting conversation, which encouraged me to put pen to paper. Over the years, lots and lots of notebooks, napkins, parchment—you name the paper there’s a good chance I used it—were filled with outlines and notes and chapters for this long tale.

History is also where a lot of the societal base and the inequality in the story comes from, both older and more contemporary.

While writing Masters’ Mistress you learn anything new about yourself?

Hmm…not sure if I learned anything new exactly, but I could say that I did learn that I had a lot to learn – especially about the publishing and marketing business. I still do, but I’m learning every day.

What is one of the keys to developing the characters in your stories?

Realism, consistency, and humanity, both the good, the bad, and the in-between. It also helps to have some really good beta readers and a great editor as well.

Do you have a favorite under the radar novel that you can share with us?

I have two, a short series by Robin Schone: The Lover & Gabriel’s Woman. They are erotica, but the characters were so intriguing in book one, I had to read book 2. Their story is so very good! And Hot. Did I mention hot? So HOT!

It’s a brand new decade and I’m sure your fans are wondering what’s next for you. Can you provide some insight into your next book?

Well, I’m working on the rest of the Angel Eyes Series, but I also do have some ideas. One is for a cowboy contemporary romance thriller/mystery. Another is what I think is going to be a post-apocalyptic romantic trilogy. And still, another is a contemporary, alternative future romance that involves the threat of Gladiatorial-type games. I don’t have them all fleshed out or even outlined yet, but some are closer than others. Right now, I’m concentrating on finishing Bret and Angel’s long story.

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