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After an exciting and for 13 terrifying months as a Marine in Vietnam I returned home to suburban Chicago and finally got serious about higher education.  I had become smitten with a desire to become a lawyer.  Truly I believe it was a highly intellectualized version of PTSD because as a trial lawyer I could keep the war going but without guns or mortars, My problem was all I had was a high school diploma and I needed a law degree, and that required a bachelor’s degree.

(Ron Irwin)

Well for the first time in my life I got focused and in 18 months I managed to accumulate 90 semester hours of undergraduate credits — enough to get into law school. I even worked it out so that my first year of law school transferred back and I got my bachelor’s degree. Two years after that I got my Juris Doctorate and a few months after that I took and passed the Illinois Bar Exam. It was game on and I loved every minute of it.

The only downside was a horrible marriage which eventually ended in a divorce that I executed brilliantly, but which nevertheless left me hollow inside. So I decided to move to Los Angeles, California. This is what many Midwest guys do when they get divorced. I also had zero desire to take another bar exam so I needed to find some way to earn a living. It didn’t take long for me to discover my next huge passion as I became a radio talk show host. It was an absolute blast. My very first celebrity guest was Mel Gibson and many more followed. But then it got even better.

One day I was watching TV and I saw a man being interviewed about his publicly traded company. He told a compelling story about what awesome potential his company had and why smart folks would buy in. It was a classic stock tout and I immediately saw a way for me to further monetize my radio show.

Soon I began presenting a wide variety of penny stock deals vis-a-vis interviews with many penny stock company executives.  It didn’t take long for me to jump fully into the game and soon I began making a spectacular amount of money, far more than I ever made practicing law. Sure not every deal worked out well, but most did and when they did the rewards were substantial.

(Ron Irwin)

Then one day I met a man with a deep and rich history in the oil fields of Texas. His name is Gordon Johnson and we first met in Dallas. Over the years that followed we worked together on several projects. One time I even flew my airplane up to Northern California to pick up Gordon and take him to Bakersfield, California.

I will never forget that flight because as I began our descent into Bakersfield I saw a steady stream of oil rigs on our flight path. I never realized just how much oil production came from my new home state of California and Gordon gave me a thorough briefing before we touched down.

I have had the great fortune of working on many deals with Gordon over many years, over 30 I believe, but now he has yet another tantalizing project in play and while I am constrained by the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission from providing you with all the details in this article but I can say this:

Allied Energy Corporation, with Gordon Johnson and his associate, George Monteith, at its helm has acquired several wells in southeast Texas. Initially they plan on re-completing a well in East Texas that was abandoned 20 years ago while still capable of producing commercial quantities of oil and gas. The well has been re-entered and needs some minor additional work and the placement of the production facilities (oil tanks, oil/water separation, etc.) to commence production.

Oil well battery (Gordon Johnson)

Also, Allied plans to drill 4 or 5 short horizontal legs from the wellbore into the producing formation that is expected to substantially increase the inflow of oil and gas into the well. There are several additional wells on leases held in this project that can be re-entered and completed as commercial producers of oil and gas.

Allied has a number of additional oil and gas prospects inventoried with existing wells that require rework and/or re-completion in new productive zones to undertake after the completion of the initial project.

I am excited and onboard, but as with all things in life not everything is for everyone. However, before you can make any kind of a decision you really owe it to yourself to get fully informed about this opportunity. There is absolutely no cost or obligation of any kind. Doing this is easy. For additional information about the company contact the following:

P.O. Box 117498, Carrollton, Texas 75011-7498
Gary Reid: Chief Financial Officer, (805) 969-1626
Gordon Johnson: Director, Vice President & Operations Manager, (214) 012-7017

What a fun and rewarding ride. From the hell of Vietnam to the excitement of the court room then on the airways in Hollywood and ultimately to the discovery of a great way to make a lot of money, but even more importantly to a lifelong friendship with a very competent oil man. You just might want to join the fun so do take a moment to check it out.

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Top photo by Gordon Johnson