Born Again Virgin versus Abstinence

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Sorry, but even paying the $5,000.00 to have your hymen restored will not make you a virgin. It’s just a lie if you call yourself a virgin. If you can live with it, fine.

I can understand for some religious reasons because I’ve heard it could save your life and I am all for saving our own lives. We should be able to do whatever we want to our own body without anybody else’s say.

Born Again Virgin is impossible. You would have to clone yourself. If you have the renewed hymen surgery because of religious or other reasons, you wouldn’t tell anyone anyway so it doesn’t need a name.

I’ve heard that some women have restored their hymen as a gift to their husband. Wow, $5,000 gone in an instant. Do they even care?

Without saying the word, good, I’ll just say there are some first-rate, admirable, commendable and even stupendous reasons for abstinence until exclusivity in single women and men of any age.

Saving yourself for your next love is probably one of the greatest gifts you can give. It is true that when you have intercourse, you are also having intercourse with every other person they have been with and vice versa. Obviously, abstinence lessens your chance of giving STD’s to your new love.

Abstinence until exclusivity is probably the safest bet yet and can be practiced at any age. They say we know within the first 10 seconds of meeting if we want this person. Good, don’t be in such a hurry. Build that anticipation. Build until you are sure they also feel the same way.

Imagine the first time after you’ve let the anticipation build for a while. Are you imagining? Go ahead and take a moment. I think anticipation might be my new favorite word or maybe it always has been. Just don’t call yourself a born again virgin.