Carly Fiorina makes sense

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After watching last night’s debate, a few things struck me. First of all, the ten men on stage with Carly Fiorina should take note. She was the only person up there who consistently showed she has done her research, formulated intelligent policy, and articulated answers without looking like an idiot. Yes, you can argue with her positions on any one of a number of issues, but at least we know where she stands on matters and why. Too bad none of the others are able to do that.

It’s time the Republican Party start pressuring some of these clowns to drop out. The best way to do this is to narrow the debate field from the top 11 to the top six. The numbers do not lie and it is time for the bottom dwellers to move on. Americans are not interested in what most have to say primarily because most do not have much to offer.

Donald Trump showed once again who he is and is not. What he is, is a man with a big mouth, a bunch of insults to go along with vague and empty promises, and no real grasp of foreign policy. He claims he would love to debate Hillary Clinton, but what do you bet he stays the hell away from engaging Carly Fiorina?

The eleven candidates and moderator Jake Tapper.
The eleven candidates and moderator Jake Tapper.

Trump’s fan base will not be swayed by his performance primarily because they are much like him, people who love to tell us what is wrong with things and how they could do a better job while really hoping not to be called on to back up their words with actions. This is why I still believe Trump is not interested in the presidency and is just using the process to further his own agenda.

And then there is Hillary Clinton. I am not a woman, but I can understand why people feel it is time to have a woman in the White House. However, if that is the sole criteria for selecting our next president, I do not understand why anyone, especially women, would prefer Hillary Clinton over Carly Fiorina as our country’s first female president.

Carly comes with answers while Hillary does all she can to avoid answering questions. Carly has fought long and hard to get to where she is today while Hillary seems to think she is entitled to her party’s nomination. Carly is not worried about a populist agenda and promising everything to everyone because unlike Clinton, she knows we need to hear the truth, something Hillary avoids telling at all cost.

Republicans have three anti-establishment candidates in Trump, Fiorina, and Ben Carson to counter the more traditional types found in Bush, Walker, and Cruz. The Democrats would be wise to expand their offerings or risk being left behind because if we know one thing at this time, it is the American voter is not happy with the status quo. If you are Hillary Clinton, that does not bode well for you. However, if you are Carly Fiorina, your future looks much brighter today.

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