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When reading through the questions the most commonly asked has been:  What are your favorite or most memorable events?

My most memorable events were The Wounded Warrior Projects, especially the one where blind Veterans attended. I was on the red carpet with them and really felt for them. I can’t imagine being at The Playboy Mansion, everyone’s dream and not be able to see any of it!

Christine starting the day in Cancun with a Piña Colada. (Photo provided by Christine Smith)
Christine starting the day in Cancun with a Piña Colada.
(Photo provided by Christine Smith)

An elderly Veteran was making a joke that they were really at the senior center, they are just playing music and telling them they are at The Playboy Mansion. I told him he could be the first and only person to touch the Bunny Ears and big cotton tail on my outfit. It was really cute, he reached up to touch my ears, thinking I am actually model height, which I am not even close to. So I lowered his hands to my Bunny Ears and his face lit up and his eyes teared up and he said “Wow, we really are here!” and hugged me.

Moments like that when you help create a life time memory for someone, especially someone who lost their vision to save our country, are the ones I’ll always remember. I’m sure he was joking with his friends later that he forgot to touch the rabbit tail when he had the chance!

It’s hard to count all the other fun times I’ve had. One of my favorites is I was in Hawaii for an appearance at a night club. I was out sight seeing and stopped to eat in what ended up being a male only gay bar. A guy came up to me and asked if I realized, “one of these things is not like the others?”

Looking up I noticed the bartenders were wearing pink speedos, I didn’t think much about it at first since it was Hawaii and then remembered the rainbow flags out front.

So I told him “Oh, I’m the only girl here?” Thinking I might not be welcome. He said, “Well yes, but I was going to say that I was the most fabulous thing in here until you walked in and stole my thunder, and if anyone can steal MY thunder, then they are my new best friend and you are so hanging out with us all day!”

They were so much fun! They took me on the all male gay boat cruise around the islands, it had a great title but I can’t think of it now.

Usually I am pass out petrified of being over water so I had on a life jacket, the life guard rescue tube around my waist and arm floaties. I wish I could find that picture to post! They promised not to make fun of me if I got the attractive boat driver to take his shirt off, shockingly he was more than happy to oblige. The guys on the ship offered me free piña coladas for life if I came back to Hawaii.

The puppies Christine was fostering were adopted. (Photo provided by Christine Smith)
The puppies Christine was fostering were adopted.
(Photo provided by Christine Smith)

After such a fun day, all expenses paid and then being paid just to hang out in the night club was when I first started to realize how much of an honor it was to be a Playmate.

My other favorite trip was the opening of The Playboy Club Cancun. We stayed at a beautiful all-inclusive hotel on the sand for a few days …

There would have been a long story to go with Cancun, but as you can see from the photo above, I started with a Piña Colada. So you’ll have to imagine up your own mental stories. I remember piña colada, beach with Playmates, dinner. Breakfast Bloody Mary, beach, more food, yay my bikini still fits. No sun burn somehow, no drinks, yay my Bunny Outfit still fits and I’m in the amazing Playboy Club! Wait, I think I was wearing a dress … anyways, it must have been a good time!

Oh, and the puppies I was fostering all got adopted! I’m going to go celebrate, cheers Everyone!