Christmas Miracle: RevealU

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On Wednesday, December 12th2018 I had the great pleasure of having Melissa Welles Murphy and Kelly Brown as guests on my weekly radio show, The Dr. Ron Show. The discussion was about their passion — holistic health — and I found it to be extremely fun and informative. You can listen to that show by simply clicking here.

and following the very easy instructions. Along the way they also mentioned a Holistic Health Expo they were hosting the following weekend at the Marriott Hotel by LAX and they invited me to attend which I did.

But attending wasn’t all that easy because a few days before that interview I slipped and fell very hard injuring my left knee. Then between the day of my show and the Expo I managed to do it yet again. Maybe that is why in high school I earned the nickname “Spaz.” Now my left knee was in severe pain and simply walking had become a difficult and unpleasant task which is a very bad thing for a guy like me who walks no less than 9 miles every day with or without pain.

Anyhow I went and walked around viewing all of the exhibits. When I was nearing my intended exit I happened to meet Lauri Smetona and Marilena Dalbey. They were presenting their primary products, a gel and a spray by the name of RevealU. Their products, they claimed, greatly improved skin condition and health, but it had other useful purposes.

Cynic that I am I said to myself, “Yeah, right.”  But then Lauri, who had noticed that I was limping along, asked what was wrong and told her that I had damaged my left knee. She reached over and grabbed a spray bottle and asked me to lift my pant leg which I did. She then sprayed my knee. Nothing. No tingling, no itching no nothing. So what. Thank you ladies and I walked off toward my car.

Wait a minute, I was walking even up stairs, no limping no gimping NO PAIN. I literally ran back to their booth and with a huge grin I said “I love you.” Now I was convinced that their products we not only legitimate but truly beneficial.

So in my state of pain free and with a renewed joy for the soon to be Christmas day I invited both ladies Lauri Smetona and Marilena Dalbey to be guests on my radio show Wednesday, December 26th2018 and they both agreed. You can hear that show at the same link provided above in the first paragraph.

Oh and as for the benefits to your skin, the primary reason for the very existence of RevealU, I have been using it daily, just a quick spritz to my face twice a day and even my wife commented that I seemed to be getting younger. Yep, now she is using it too.

Then just the other day I met a friend at a local food store and I asked him if he had any pain anywhere and he said his left knee hurt. Not very original but nevertheless I had brought a bottle of the spray with me to show him so I asked him to left his pant leg. He did, I sprayed and instantly he smiled and said: “Wow, the pain is gone.”

Folks this is not a multi-level marketing situation and I am not a salesman or distributor for this product. I have been paid nothing to write this column’ well okay I did receive one bottle of RevealU spray for free. But my sole motivation here to inform as many people as I can about a truly amazing product that actually works better than advertised.

It does NOT cure brain cancer, it does not assure eternal joy and happiness and it absolutely does not hook you up with Jessica Alba or Tom Brady [your preference] for a blazing weekend in Las Vegas. But it really does improve your skin and if needed it absolutely does eliminate a wide variety of bodily aches and pains. You can check it out for yourself here.