Healthcare/Medical Schools in Bakersfield

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Embarking on a career in a healthcare profession requires planning, research, and investment. Whether you’re planning your first career or consider yourself a “career changer,” there are certain key questions you must ask before making your final decision. If you have decided to pursue medical assistant training in Bakersfield, the first step is to choose where to begin your education. There are many quality programs in the Bakersfield area, leaving you unsure of which program is right for you and your professional goals. Before choosing a program, it’s vital that you spend time thinking about the type of program you prefer, considering size, length, student to professor ratio, time spent in classroom learning versus clinical, and other questions that will influence your level of satisfaction with the experience!

Bakersfield Adult School

Bakersfield Adult School is located at 501 S Mt Vernon Ave. If you are an adult student and the thought of sitting next to students in their late teens and early twenties seems intimidating, you will most likely feel most comfortable among the student body at Bakersfield Adult School. The school offers a variety of instructional programs that aim to meet the needs of adults in Bakersfield and is especially accommodating to adults with learning disabilities and difficulties. The programs are industry driven and designed to help students become “career ready” in a short amount of time. Students in this program can expected a balanced blend of classroom and clinical experience at local medical offices and clinics. While researching programs, it’s imperative that you ask about how must “hands on,” practical clinical experience you will receive through the program since this is of utmost important to future employers. The current cost to attend the program is less than $1,000, which is quite affordable compared with other programs in the area.

Altamont Healthcare

Not far from the Baksfield Adult School, you will find Altamont Healthcare, which is home to another medical assisting program. The office is located at 4420 Easton Dr. Their mission is to “train and educate motivated individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, allowing them to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. The program is proud of their affordable tuition and ability to get students “career ready” quickly. The student testimonials consistently show that students are able to develop positive mentoring relationships with the faculty. It should be noted that Altamont Healthcare’s total cost is more expensive compared to Bakersfield Adult School, totaling in $2,4000.00 for tuition. If you feel that Altamont’s program is a better fit for your goals but worry about the cost, know that they do offer students a flexible payment plan.

National University

National University is another option for Bakersfield residents hoping to earn an education in health sciences. National University’s focus is quite broad, offering programs designed for adult learners who balance real life, including work and a family, while also pursuing an education. The university has focused on providing members of the U.S. military a convenient and affordable way to earn their college degrees, which they are at home, on base, or abroad. By offering accessible, online programs, everyone is able to obtain an education. National University offers everything from certificates that can be completed in less than a year to master’s degrees. Within the university, there is a Community Health department, Health Sciences department, and a Nursing department. National University offers a wide range of healthcare programs intended to prepare students for careers in nursing, healthcare administration, public health, and health informatics, among many other lucrative fields!

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix has the most brand recognition compared with the other programs in the area. In Bakersfield, University of Phoenix’s campus can be found at 4900 California Ave. While there is a physical location in Bakersfield where students can take classes in-person, many University of Phoenix students choose the program because of the ability to take classes online, with frequent start dates, allowing you to begin at a time that works with the rest of your life. They offer degrees for students at varying points of their career, including certificates, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. If you’re wondering about the quality of instruction, know that the nursing and healthcare degree programs are aligned with the standards of leading healthcare organizations like the American College of Healthcare Executives and are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Unitek College

Unitek College can be found at 333 Palmer Dr. The school is a private healthcare college that offers programs in everything from nursing to medical assisting to dental assisting. The classes at Unitek’s Bakersfield campus are small, allowing for instructors to provide personalized attention to each student. If you have identified yourself as a student who does better in a live classroom, you will most likely do better in Unitek’s program that provides in-class classroom instruction and simulation training in healthcare facilities in Bakersfield. If time is a determining factor in your decision making process, programs can be completed in a year or less!

Medical Assisting Programs in Bakersfield

In conclusion, medical assistant training in Bakersfield is available in a variety of formats, timetables, and locations. To gain a better sense of which program is right for your needs, it’s a wise idea to contact the individual programs, arrange for phone calls with the admissions office and faculty from each program, as well as contact alumni of each program to learn about their experience.