Christmas is here and we wish you Happy Holidays

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With the holiday in full swing, the Los Angles Post-Examiner presents Christmas from the perspectives of the writers that make this site what it is.

As you go through these next two days, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you may feel a need to escape for a bit. If so, sit with your computer or tablet, or maybe your smart phone and read some of our posts about the holidays. We have dedicated these next two days to Christmas, with all the diversity our staff of writers can provide.

From L.A., San Diego and other points in Southern California; to Las Vegas and Montana — even Mississippi — we present the holidays. You will be entertained, maybe informed and possibly you will find a few new reasons to appreciate this holiday. Or maybe it will be enough to just clear your mind of all that’s going on around you in these hectic days.

First up will be a story about change, from the very first writer to be published on the Los Angeles Post-Examner: Jessica Dewberry. It’s really a lovely piece.

Whether you call it Christmas, the winter solstice, or something else altogether, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings to you and your loved ones.

The Staff of the Los Angeles Post-Examiner.