Coconut Beach

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Beach_01Where oh where is summer? Isn’t it time yet? What did that groundhog say anyway? Yes, I am complaining. This is California; it’s supposed to be sunny and warm. I know that so many other states are still under some snow. That’s why I don’t live there. I went to Arizona for six years because I loved the heat and after a few years it actually became unbearable. But today, with cold hands and feet, I am thinking about summer or at least some warmer weather. For today because in a few months, I might be thinking about the cooler weather.

Earlier today, I suggested we go to the beach this weekend, not to swim but to dress warm and check out the tide pools.  Or walk, anything, just get out of the house and do some outdoor stuff in the sun.  It’s time.

The beach reminds me of something I wrote a few years ago, I call it, Coconut Beach.  Although it’s not really the beach, it might warm you up.

Beach_04The scent of coconuts drifting on the air,
Soothing, relaxing
Like a warm summer evening on a sandy beach.
Warm water rushing down, guiding the scented soap bubbles
Gently over curves to accumulate
at my feet before slipping quickly away.
My eyes are closed and I am relaxed
While I luxuriate in all the different
mental and physical sensations.
Like a movie reel, my mind
Spins out my fantasy

Beach_02Of what just might be.
I breathe deep the scent
As I imagine his hands
Sensuously soaping my body.

My heartbeat quickens
As I tilt my head
To better accommodate his lips on my neck
And his hands on my warm wet body.
I can barely stand, my legs are so weak.
I need to lean against the cool tiles.
I am afraid to open my eyes
Because I know my fantasy will be dashed

Beach_03To the reality that he isn’t really there
I reluctantly turn off the water and reach for my towel.
It is so big and soft
my wild, out of control mind
Takes off once again.
Imagining him

gently toweling the glistening
scented droplets from my eager body.
Once again I close my eyes
And I am back to that warm sandy beach.
Terri Underwood