Las Vegas bachelor party weekend

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Las Vegas. I’d always heard how fun Sin City was, but I’d never actually been. Well, that all changed as of this past weekend.

Backing up a bit, a couple of months ago I was invited to a friend’s surprise birthday party. His boyfriend sent a message asking me to come and even hinted at an extra special surprise. Of course my dirty mind instantly thought there’d be a stripper and in my defense, I’ve known this couple for years, so it wasn’t that much of a stretch.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this birthday party was in fact an outrageous, over the top, very public and utterly heartbreaking marriage proposal. There were dancers, lights, volunteer cops who blocked off the whole street and about thirty close friends. It was one of the most ridiculously romantic acts of love that I have ever seen. I’m not going to lie. I cried like a baby. It gets better. The entire spectacle was recorded, and the video went viral! Lucas’s proposal to David has touched so many hearts that even Instinct magazine and the Huffington Post have mentioned it on their websites.

At this point the wheels of fate had been set into motion. A promoter of gay events in Las Vegas saw the video and as a gesture of kindness offered to throw my friends a bachelor party they would never forget. Let’s just say, he came through on his word.

It all began Friday morning at Union Station in downtown Los Aneles. Around ten of us, including the grooms, caught a bus and set out for Vegas. Once there we began a weekend of debauchery that would make Sin City proud. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t sober at all from Friday morning until Sunday night when I finally got home.

Partiers_01We were all given rooms for free as part of the grooms’ gifts. Of course there were four people to a room and two per bed, but I was down to go with the flow. Fortunately, the couple staying in the other bed found other arrangements. It would’ve been really awkward otherwise for reasons that I won’t go into.

This left my other “roommate” named Taylor. He was sweet and from Texas, just like one of the grooms. We got along well, thank God. Southerners unite!

Partiers_02After the bus ride and some day drinking, a long nap and extensive shower were required afterwards. But of course I was down for round two later that night. After pregaming in Lucas and David’s one bedroom suite (with a hot tub), the party shifted via limousine to the main gay club in Vegas known as Share. Now that was fun!

The bachelor party was given a free table with bottle service, so of course we drank even more.

Now I’m going to preface this next part with a disclaimer.

Partiers_04I live in California. Certain activities are completely legal as well as socially acceptable. This being said, I took a “smoke break” outside of the club and was approached by a really cute guy. He was down to smoke too so we hit it off. The only thing was that he looked so familiar, but I couldn’t figure out how. And then it hit me: I was smoking a joint with a porn star. A really hot porn star who was flirting with me.

Now of course common sense told me to go wash out my mouth with a shot of Jameson, but I simply smiled, flirted for a while, and then went back to join my friends. I know. Lame. He was totally down, and God knows I was, but I wound up going home fairly early that night. If you call 1:30 AM early.

Pool_01Saturday was even better. It began with half of a croissant and three shots of espresso from Starbucks. Then at 11:00 am, we all met up at the pool party where we started drinking. Well, I did at least. There were cute guys everywhere! The pool was the perfect temperature. The weather was just warm enough without being miserable. Oh, and did I mention the cute guys? Insert smiley face.

After a brief “nap” I joined the group for another pregaming session. Come to find out the grooms were given an even bigger suite because the first suite’s hot tub was broken. Uh oh…

Partiers_03Saturday night was legendary. It’s going down in my own personal history files. It was truly a night that I will never forget, and I’m just going to leave it at that.

Sunday wasn’t particularly flattering to any of us considering the weekend and everything our bodies had been through. However, I was finally given the opportunity to walk down the strip with my friends Jonathan and Darren, drinking and touring some of the major casinos. That was really fun and chill.

Kyle being detained by the Party Police.
Kyle being detained by the Party Police.

Finally we got in the car and began the long trek back home to Los Angeles. Boy was I ever happy to see the skyscrapers of Downtown as we came in on the 10! As fun as that weekend was, I was glad to be home. Vegas drained me dry. Oh well. It was worth it.

All of the partying, drinking and extracurricular activities aside, the most important memory of last weekend was seeing Lucas and David happy and in love. Those two actually found each other in this huge world and they’ve stood by each other’s side for so many years.

The Happy Couple
The Happy Couple

What’s better is that as I watched them interact with each other over that weekend, I realized they are each other’s best friend. Who better to spend the rest of your life with than your best friend? They take care of each other. They check in with each other periodically. They are truly a happy couple, and I feel more honored than I could possibly describe to have been invited to their bachelor party. I can only hope that whomever I end up with will love me as much as these two love each other.

(All photos by Kyle Levy)