Daryl Keith Johnson and Ron Irwin will bring the book “Live, Die, Live Again” to the stage and television

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BURBANK, CA   Actor/Producer/Writer Daryl Keith Johnson has entered into a joint venture with Author/Adventurer Ronald R. Irwin a/k/a Ron Irwin for the creation of at least one stage play and a television series based on Irwin’s book, Live, Die, Live Again.

Daryl Keith Johnson

“Ron’s book is rich in inspirational stories that lead to his untimely death, miraculous recovery and utterly amazing new life.  Our goal is to begin with a stage play and then pitch a TV series all based on his sensational book Live, Die, Live Again,” Said Daryl Johnson.

“I was impressed with Daryl the moment I met him on my annual 14 mile health hike to Hollywood April 30th.  His personal awareness and commitment to quality of life was evident and his show business credentials are solid. After a couple of meetings I concluded that Daryl Keith Johnson would be an excellent JV partner to advance this project. I am very glad Daryl agreed and thrilled to have him onboard.  Said Ron Irwin  

Ron Irwin had what can only be viewed as a wild and sometimes reckless life briefly associated with the mafia before leaving home at age 11, joining the Marine Corps at 17 and spending 13 months in Chu Lai, Vietnam.  His first marriage was a severe mismatch but he managed to earn his law degree before moving to California for new life first as a radio talk show host and then as a publicist.  But he soon became severely obese and then at 5:30 p.m. December 18th 2012 he stood up from his desk, completely stopped breathing and dropped face first to the ground – flat lined.  A few days into a coma in ICU a physician told his family that IF he survived he would never walk again.  Twenty six days later Irwin left the hospital a totally changed man.  Today he walks a minimum of 13.1 miles each and every day and every year on his birthday he leads a group on a Health Hike from Burbank to Hollywood, a distance of 14 miles.

“There is a vast amount of real life drama in Irwin’s story: challenge, disaster and a miracle recovery; and I look forward with great enthusiasm to bringing that story to the stage and the TV screen,” Said Daryl Keith Johnson.

Top photo of Ron Irwin before and after his near fatal “cardiac event”