Debt ceiling negotiations are about to start

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As the holidays come and go and a New Year is upon America, it seems almost impossible for some to remember the government shutdown a few months ago. However, for many more Americans than not, the talks of a possible shutdown as early as March have them fearing the worst.

The end of the holidays also signals an increase in meetings to discuss the country and its future. At the end of the last government shutdown many Republicans did not feel a sense of defeat but fervor for revenge.

The Republican fervor currently rests in steps and restrictions that the GOP believes it can use as leverage, but analysts of the country’s deficit and proposals for corrective actions disagree.

As the House Democrats and Republicans present varying funding levels another fight continues to brew. Although it would seem that meeting in the middle or funding the mere difference would solve the problem, it only makes it worse for hardworking Americans.

As January 15, 2014 approaches with temporary limits in place the government yet again faces a default that they plan to rectify by small funding bills to keep the government moving along as long as possible, for as long as possible. The shutdown would then be held off until 2015.

The present issue appears to be revenue. Both parties are not willing to meet in the middle to forego tax cuts on one side and a hit at the Defense Department on the other. The idea of making a small portion of money would seem satisfactory, but it isn’t good enough for the House.

Paul Ryan and the GOP seem to have a one-sided view on a remedy by not paying attention to the debt ceiling and how failing to raise that would result in another shutdown. Ryan’s plan is to continue to take away from President Obama’s healthcare law; however, getting that approved will prove hard to accomplish.

As Republicans return to work after the holidays their plans to figure out how to avoid yet another shutdown is at the forefront.  It does appear that reaching a resolution on both sides is almost next to impossible at this point.