Dodgers are ready, says Don Mattingly

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Before the final game of the regular season at Dodger Stadium, against the San Diego Padres, manager Don Mattingly talked about the Dodgers and the post season.

The team stores at Dodger Stadium are ready with the latest Dodgers gear.
The team stores at Dodger Stadium are ready with the latest Dodgers gear.

It took a while for the team to get to this point; it was a dramatic end to the season for the Los Angeles Dodgers. They didn’t clinch the National League West Division until the final week and on the second to last game of the season they clinched home field advantage against the Mets.

Mattingly as usual kept some things to himself, like who would be the third and fourth starters in the rotation and if any of the players that were on the injured list, like Yasiel Puig, would be starting in the lineup. Puig started in Saturday’s game, his first since being injured in August. He sat out Sunday’s game, but will be playing against the Mets. The Dodgers have Andre Ethier in the outfield and he’s been swinging the bat real well so we might see the two of them platoon in right field in this first series, according to Mattingly.

Right-handed ace Zack Greinke got the National League ERA title, posting 1.66 ERA.

Don Mattingly says the Dodgers are as ready as they ever will be for Friday’s game against the New York Mets, who have set their starting rotation for the series: Jacob DeGrom, Noah Snydergaard, Matt Harvey and possibly Steven Matz if he’s healthy.

Below is my video from the manager’s pre-game chat with the press.

(All Photos by Claudia Gestro)