Does New Cloud Governance App Make Sense for Your Business? 

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Companies are refining their Cloud use by including a new governance app for Microsoft Teams. When implemented effectively, it enhances project engagement.  

There are times when businesses face IT adversity, and they don’t even know it. Take, for example, the common drop off in engagement that transpires after a Microsoft Teams rollout already appears successful.

It’s not uncommon for decision-makers to deploy the much-vaunted Microsoft Teams platform with expectations of high-level engagement. Early tracking may support the notion that employees and other stakeholders are moving along at a good clip. Unfortunately, much of that seeming interest in use tends to be based on curiosity about having a new tool, and not actual task performance.

When long-term engagement falls off a cliff, entrepreneurs and CEOs are puzzled why. But Managed IT professionals often backtrack only to discover a lack of supporting strategy. Such hollow deployments had built-in adversity, much to the surprise of an outfit’s principal strategist. That’s why managed IT experts urge companies to consider adopting the MyHub Cloud governance app.

Sacramento managed IT services expert Michael Nelson from TLC Tech goes into more detail.

What Businesses Should Know About the MyHub App

The MyHub app for Microsoft Teams assists users to recognize the wide range of assets necessary for a specific project. The app connects those tasked with project oversight to end-users and provides a space for managers to ask pertinent questions. This, in turn, directs team members and the project at large in a positive direction. In many instances, it becomes apparent that assets and completely different engagement would be more cost-effective. These are the reasons why MyHub helps organizations determine project parameters and details.

  • MyHub has forms that ask pertinent questions about project needs

  • MyHub helps define the appropriate space to carry out the project

  • MyHub leads project admins to make real-time changes about policy, protocols, and sensitivity levels

One of the eye-raising things that sometimes occurs is that MyHub inspires project managers to rethink the process entirely and shift to a more suitable space and methodology. But for collaborations that the platform is well-suited to negotiate, there are critical benefits to be gained.

How MyHub Benefits for Admins

Project admins generally want substantial quality control over the process. The Microsoft Teams app earns high marks from admins on this front. That’s largely because they are able to set up oversight through request forms electronically filed by stakeholders. Admins also enjoy the ability to tailor the workflow in various projects to improve transparency and goal achievement. What savvy administrators usually want is to steer a project within clearly defined policies and protocols. MyHub delivers that by securely handing supervisors the reins over the approval process.

How MyHub App Engages End-Users

It’s not unusual for end-users to question the reasoning behind the Cloud governance admins enjoys via the MyHub app for Microsoft Teams. Such questions are positive signs that valued employees feel self-motivated and want to accomplish tasks. But the app does deliver benefits end-users may not recognize at first blush.

One might call it the “stay in your lane” approach. When valued team members have a laser-focus on their aspect of a project, distractions are minimized. As we noted earlier, project managers see a spike in Microsoft Teams use early on. But that may be attributed to team members surfing the space out of curiosity. When team members have defined workflow lanes to travel, they tend to arrive at the project’s finish line faster and together.

At its core, MyHub is considered a workflow interface that heightens effective oversight and goal-oriented engagement in Microsoft Teams projects. Governance is not optional when investing resources into Cloud-based projects, it’s a necessity. If your organization struggles to maximize the benefits of Microsoft Teams in the Cloud, consider scheduling a MyHub app consultation with a third-party managed IT services expert.