Los Angeles NEXT Trucking Overview of Moving Essential Goods

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With so many different companies going through challenging times in connection to COVID-19, global supply chains are being messed up. This can put a lot of stress on those that offer essential goods such as medical supplies, food and beverage, and more.

NEXT Trucking offers some fantastic opportunities for companies to rely on. Still, it is essential to learn lessons from this outbreak and be prepared for what is evolving into the new normal.

Planning instead of merely keeping up

So many companies have worked on very thin margins for quite a while. It works because they have built a very lean and efficient supply chain. As soon as COVID-19 hit, so many different aspects were affected.

As challenging as it might seem right now, planning ahead is better than only trying to get by. Start building out as many backup plans as possible, especially with essential goods. That means even having backups to the back up to ensure that nothing happens.

One of the ways companies can start to add to their back up options is to look into storage. Having storage close by can allow for a surplus to be built up, and then use when needed. Not all supplies can always follow this route, but it is a perfect solution for some.

No one knows for sure how the next few months play out. Taking steps now to prevent issues down the road could pay off huge dividends.

Considering cybersecurity procedures

Cybersecurity has continually become more and more of a problem over the years. Now, a lot of additional challenges are popping up, as scammers are seeing this as a great opportunity to steal information and benefit.

Have a trustworthy, reliable IT team to make sure that everything is operating as it should. Don’t give away information if it seems a little weird. It’s easy to get caught up in so much going on at once, which is exactly what plays into a scam online.

Understanding driver situations better

Drivers are essential for any company that uses trucks to transport goods, and there are real human beings behind those trucks. It is important to make sure that they are treated as such, and that the right fit is found to take proper care of those essential goods.

Truck drivers are certainly going through a lot of changes themselves, getting new opportunities and seeing their hours change significantly. Seeking out reliable drivers might seem relatively easy with so many people out of a job, but they are being selective when picking out freight. They understand that they have the opportunity to possibly make some good money by holding out and going with a bigger company.

It might seem a little too easy to go ahead and accept a new driver without going through the vetting process, but take the time to do so. Otherwise, it could end up being a huge regret later on.


With everything so different, now is the time to think differently and adapt when needed. Coming up with creative ways to make everything work is the only way for individual businesses to achieve success. Do not just think that sticking with the same game plan that has worked for years is going to work in the middle of a pandemic.

Sometimes, some creativity is needed to make sure that everything is transported as it should. That means working with different companies, setting up new plans, and keeping an eye on the competition.