Donald Trump and his ultimate card

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Recently, Republican presidential hopefuls have been joining forces in an attempt to knock Donald Trump out of the race for the White House in 2016. It’s futile to think Trump is concerned about their actions. Painting him in a negative light only feeds his ego so all of the political gang tackling in the world is never going to work.

Trump does not care what other candidates think of his candidacy and the more they work to get rid of him, the more he senses their weakness. The Republican boat can expect to continue to be rocked until only Trump decides otherwise.

Like Ross Perot or Ralph Nader before him, Trump is seen as someone who can only ensure the White House will be won by the party he is supposedly running against. Like his predecessors, Trump is fed up with the traditional, and archaic, two party system and thinks it is time to call out presidential hopefuls. Furthermore, he does not care whose toes he steps on because he senses something the rest of us hate to admit; our future presidential leadership for this nation looks bleak.

A Clinton/Bush race looks about as appealing as a three-day-old salad left in the back of the refrigerator. It will do in a pinch, but you would much prefer something fresher and more substantial. Unfortunately, a look at most other Republican hopefuls leaves us thinking, “This is about as appetizing as a three day old salad.”

And unless Hillary self destructs, something not entirely out of the realm of possibility, Democrats are currently left with no one they can get anywhere near as excited about as they did with Obama in 2008.

Trump knows this and is quick to take advantage of the void in political leadership that grips this nation. What’s more, he will use this void to prosper financially in a way that will tell Americans what most already know: he is a self centered and arrogant person who loves to profit off of others.

It is pretty much a given Donald Trump will not represent the Republican Party as their next presidential candidate. There are simply not enough party voters who will vote for him in a two-person race and he is not likely to attract any disenchanted Democrats in the process.

Most registered Republicans will either vote for Hillary or not vote at all before voting for Trump. Even if Trump’s numbers double, he will only be able to claim about 40 percent support within the Republican Party. He knows the chance of Bush, Rubio, Christie, Perry… supporters jumping on his political bandwagon is slim at best. So why remain in the race?

It’s simple: Donald Trump does not want to become POTUS. I repeat, HE DOES NOT WANT TO BECOME POTUS!

Donald Trump is only interested in expanding his “brand” which in turn will expand his already sizable wallet.

There will come a point where Trump will decide to drop out of the race. When he does, it will probably be when he is convinced his numbers have peaked. When this happens, he will begin negotiating with the RNC over what he wants them to adopt as part of the Republican Party platform. If he is satisfied, he will drop out.

Guess what? Donald Trump does not intend to be satisfied. He will push and push until the Republican Party tells him to take a flying leap off of Trump Tower.

At this point, Trump will play his ultimate card and declare a third party run for the White House, one he knows he will not win, but will allow him to remain in the public eye. Trump knows he will not have the same broad appeal as Ross Perot had in 1992. There is little chance any Democrats will flock to him to boost his numbers. Instead, he will be content to make sure no republican candidate wins in 2016.

Remember, Trump has managed to make billions while both Democrats and Republicans have served in the White House. He has thrived under every political landscape imaginable and there is no evidence this will change down the road.

Trump will, however, bask in the glow of being viewed as a future political King maker, whether it be within the Republican Party or a separate third party (Think Tea Party on steroids).

If this happens, in 2020, the Republican Party will be forced to decide whether or not to move further to the right to placate Trump and his followers, or further left and become the more moderate voice in politics when pitted against the Trump Right and Liberal Left. And in the end, it will be Donald Trump who laughs his way to the bank while the rest of the political landscape is left to figure out what to do next.