Donny Distraction: Look over here while Putin’s holster sneaks up behind you

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In case you missed it, the GOP voted Thursday on their latest healthcare plan. Don’t feel bad if you were unaware of this or its contents, most of the GOP had no real clue what they are voting on. They just wanted to vote and pass something so they can say to the nation they helped Donny deliver on a campaign promise.

Among many in the GOP House, there is this idea whatever they find out after the fact, because they did not read the fine print as it was shoved down their throats, can be fixed later when the Senate has to clean up their mess with a bill of their own. It’s better to go before the voters and tell them you had no idea about the bill’s content than to take ownership and explain why it is in our best interest.

Final House Vote: 217-213

Besides, it won’t come down to this because when push comes to shove, the GOP will rely on distractions over reality to get us to forget just how much we are getting screwed.

Stephen Colbert is now officially on the Alt Right’s “Must Be Sent To The Gulag” list after pointing out what so many Americans see Trump as: Putin’s “cock holster.” It may or may not be true and you may or may not think it was inappropriate for a late night talk show funny man to defend a colleague at CBS after Mr. Disgrace the Nation slammed him in what you may or may not think inappropriate. The point is, this, and not the health bill, are what the right is choosing to not just focus on, but to distract their supporters with because they know the idiots who follow them are largely a bunch of emotionally-driven white men who want the work and history books stricken of anything accomplished by a black president.

They continue to use their free speech on their lone conservative cable network to complain about how their free speech is being denied at universities across the nation and by those fake news networks, you know, the ones that often break out into arguments because they attempt to debate the issues rather than distract us from them. CNN may not like Trump, but they at least give airtime to his surrogates and allow them to debate with their detractors. As for FOX News, their way of offering debate is to bring a conservative person of color, sometimes it is their skin and other times it is their hair, to provide a one sided view to their simpleton audience.

Another distraction has been president Obama’s $400,000.00 speaker fee to a Wall Street audience. This is further proof to the paranoid of what a hypocrite Obama is. While such fees are a joke (I will speak for half that amount so have your people call my people), the GOP would have you think an ex-president is not entitled to earn any income while a sitting president uses his office to create a new tax code that will make him and his family wealthier than ever.

Why is it the GOP is more interested in the money being paid to a black man than they are over the cost of sending an orange man to Mar-A-Lago for weekends or to “protect” his daughter and son-in-law while they go on a skiing vacation?

Recent reports have shown just how far ahead the United States is on spending money on its military. Yes, we are still number one in that department and it is not even close when our nearest competitor, China, spends only a fourth of what we spend. In fact, we out-spend anywhere from the next eight to twelve nations combined on our armed forces, but our GI Donny can’t find the money to spend on our schools, health care, infrastructure, or jobs creation.

“Deface the Nation” — President Trump
to John Dickerson

No worries, just talk about what a swell guy some dictator of the month is and the press and public will become distracted. Tell the world you’d love to meet with the North Korean dictator while we should be fearing the liberal expected to be elected by our democratic ally in South Korea. Tweet some nonsense and watch the press forget about your Russian connection.

In previous posts I have mentioned I was a teacher in my previous life. Students of all ages figure out which teachers they can control and manipulate and which ones they can’t. Some teachers can plow ahead without allowing the fart Johnny just loudly let out distract the class. Others can’t. Some know how to spot trouble early and nip it in the bud while others have no idea a fight just broke out in their room because of all the other distractions.

Some teachers are more concerned with being popular with kids while others are more concerned about the progress they make. Like teachers, some in the media will cut through all of the GOP distractions and keep us focused on what we should really be concerned about while others will run for the ratings.

When Donny Distraction is pressed by the media for a real answer to a legitimate question like a teacher pressing a student for information they have to know, but chose not to study, Donny used all the tricks he knew including the ever popular one, “you can figure it out,” because he could not figure it out.

His dog ate his conscience decades ago and no amount of distraction is going to change this fact. Donald Trump is incapable of being honest and less capable of taking ownership of something he began that fails, just look at his great University. He is banking on a split nation, one that is largely defined by race and a desire to hold on to the inequities that created this system of privilege, just so he can use, or make that misuse, his power to advance his own family’s wealth and influence down the road.

Think what you want to about Obama and his legacy. Hate or embrace affordable healthcare for all citizens without restrictions. Speak out, demonstrate, and wear whatever you believe on your sleeves whether it is left or right. However, do yourself a favor and study your history and study the Constitution so you can understand just how little the man in the Oval Office knows or respects and why he is such a threat to the future of this nation.

“Disgrace the Nation.” — Stephen Colbert
to President Trump

Donald J. Trump will only be the embarrassment to the White House Stephen Colbert alluded to if each of us take the time to sniff out the BS Trump and his people want us to believe. However, the real embarrassment will be those citizens who refuse to learn more about his predecessors and instead choose to blindly swallow what he hopes you accept to be the truth.

How much ignorance does it take to bring an end to the greatest democracy the world has ever seen? By the time we find out, it will be too late to repair.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The House GOP’s Trumpcare 2.0 bill passed, 2017-213. Not one Democrat voted for it. CNN, NBC (MSNBC), and ABC made a point of showing GOP Congressman fleeing the cameras and reporters when asked if they had read the bill. Also: they made sure they exempted themselves from the repeal bill.

Thursday night (May 4) President Trump and the GOP leadership celebrated passing the bill. If it gets signed into law and you lose your healthcare, or they premiums and co-pays skyrocket,  remember the president and his Republican cronies celebrated your misfortune.

Below is Stephen Colbert’s monologue for President Trump.

Photos are screen shots from YouTube