Hollywood Pantages Theatre presents “The Bodyguard”

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Experience love, magic, beauty, fear, humor, jealousy, triumph, mystery and nearly every imaginable human emotion along with one of the best vocal performances on earth in the explosive masterpiece of theatre they call The Bodyguard currently at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. From its unprecedented way over the top forever unforgettable beginning to its soft and somewhat melancholy yet spectacularly beautiful conclusion The Bodyguard is a show that grabs the audience fully and never let’s go; it is arguably the best musical I have ever seen. And that angelic voice of Grammy Award winning Deborah Cox is nothing short of hypnotic.

Yes Deborah Cox is clearly the star of the show but the entire cast is one of the very best ever assembled. Judson Mills as Frank Farmer, the bodyguard, has mastered every nuance to be totally believable in his role. Even his karaoke performance is riveting for its hilarious imperfection. Even the very young Kevelin B. Jones III gave a star level performance as Rachael Marron’s son Fletcher.

The central theme is very much like the 1992 Oscar-nominated movie The Bodyguard, starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Basically a singer/actress Rachel Marron receives death threats as she approaches an appearance at the Academy Awards ceremony. A top ranked security consultant is called in to help protect Rachel, her sister and her son. But his presence is not at first appreciated.

Things do however change dramatically and quickly and without in any way giving away the ultimate conclusion to the story I will simply say that things can indeed be much worse than reading off the wrong movie for the Best Picture at the Oscars.

From establishing the problem to the final resolution you will be treated to such classic songs as “I’m Every Woman,” “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” “I Will Always Love You,” “One Moment in Time” and “Saving All My Love.” And to get just a glimpse of the show and the true magic of Deborah Cox you can enjoy this little video clip.

Go and love this show, you will thank me. It runs now through May 21st 2017 at The Hollywood Pantages Theatre, 6233 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90028. Tickets may be purchased at the Pantages Box Office, from Ticketmaster, by calling 323-468-1770 or at this link.

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