Efteling after closing: Locked in!

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Efteling is home to a really cool medieval-themed restaurant called Het Wapen van Reveleijn. For 29.95 Euro (about $36), you get all you can eat food and all you can drink soda, beer, and wine. This is a great deal, since the food is excellent (they prepared a vegetarian Dutch cheese and mushroom dish for us), and the wine and beer aren’t total swill. One of the more unique things about Het Wapen van Reveleijn is that they don’t start serving dinner until after the theme park closes. Not sure why this is, but we took our time eating and drinking, so when we left the restaurant it was after 8PM, which was two hours after park closing time.

Our hotel was at the other end of the park, and between the long walk and our meandering pace, we probably didn’t get to the park exit until 9PM. At which point all of the staff had gone home… and locked us in! We actually had to shimmy under the security gate to get out, and I’m positive that if either of us had been a few pounds heavier, we wouldn’t have made it out and would have been stuck there all night. For more information about Efteling, check out their official site at: https://www.efteling.com/en There’s also a ton of great information about the park at the UK fan site: https://eftelinguk.com/

WARNING: After six beers and two bottles the following video is NSFW