Electing the least sick

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There have been many people, myself included, who have commented we are about to choose our next president based on who is hated the least. Perhaps I, and others, have been wrong. We have been looking at Donald and Hillary in the wrong light and should examine who is actually the least sick.

To his credit, Trump has been raising the issue of Hillary’s health for a while now and because of Sunday’s “spell” or whatever you want to call it where Hillary took ill, Donald looks like Nostradamus. With news being released she has pneumonia, questions are swirling about whether or not Hillary may be far sicker than she lets on.

Not surprisingly, her doctor says it is just walking pneumonia, but technically, when you collapse on a cool morning, you do not have walking pneumonia. Maybe she has running pneumonia caused by running for president too many times or running from the truth. Who knows for sure? All I know is team Clinton would have us think she fell ill due to being coughed on by a crew of Trump surrogates.

If one good thing has come out of this for Clinton it is that this has taken the “deplorable” news story off the front page for the time being. It won’t surprise me if she tries to explain away her comment about half of Trump’s supporters as being deplorable as a result of delirium caused by a fever.

Only a sick person calls half of her opponent’s supporters deplorable when they are clearly more representative of being the island of misfits. However, I can let this slide because perhaps for the first time in her career, Hillary chose to speak with total honesty.

Hillary’s sickness goes beyond her pneumonia though. Lets not forget she easily gets sick of the press and goes to great lengths to avoid them at all costs. Only a sick person remains with her louse of a cheating husband while touting she is the only candidate who supports women from being objectified, abused, and paid like second class citizens. And it takes a certain kind of sick person who wears $10,000.00 designer pant suits (is there really such a thing) and then gets up in front of unemployed people and tells them she knows what it is like to be broke after leaving the White House in 2001.

But it is unfair to paint Hillary as the only sick person running for president. If her current physical health is an issue, shouldn’t Trump’s mental health be a concern? There is a reason two of his three wives have been foreign born women: American women really see him as a sick narcissistic douche bag. Despite his marriage record, he is somehow the candidate of choice among the “religious” vote in this nation (and we wonder why more Americans are turning their backs on God).

If Hillary and her expensive pantsuits raises questions about her, what about Donald and his $600.00 comb over hair? The man claims to have $10 billion, but he can not buy hair plugs or even a nice wig. What’s he really trying to hide? My guess is he is hiding the hole that will show the world the inside of his head looks like one of his favorite taco bowls.

While the Clintons have been accused of having very wealthy friends who want political favors, they at least do not count Roger Ailes as a close friend. I am surprised Trump has not hauled Bill Cosby around the nation to garner the black vote for him.

And yet, here we are, less than two months away from selecting between two sick, hated, and very wealthy people who claim to be the answer to our problems. They’re both so sick, they do not see themselves as THE PROBLEM.

Say what you want about Independent candidate Gary Johnson not knowing where Aleppo is, that pales when compared to the number of voters who really think they only have Donald and Hillary to vote for, or as one funny man recently indicated, it’s like having to choose between catching gonorrhea or syphilis.

Did our founding fathers come up with a solution to who becomes president if no one fills out a ballot? We can still elect people to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, just not the White House.