‘Except For a Few Details…’: Interview With An Alien (Short-Short Stories to Clear Your Head)

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Hey.  The next time you feel the need to throw cold water on your brain, read one of these short-short stories.  They’re mildly addictive but in a good way, involve no depressing or scary news and no meaningless chitchat with co-workers or your supervisor – and they might just change the way you think and the work you do for the better.

And do want to know the really cool thing?  Like the title of this column says, “Except for a few details,” they’re all true stories.  Well, sort of.  In any case, there will be new ones every week.  Read a few and watch what happens.  And then get back to work.  The more you read, the longer the effect will last.

This fifty-sixth installment is called “Interview With An Alien.”  It’s a short-short story about an alien doing his/her/its best to figure out what it’s like to be human.  If you like what you read and would like to see previously published short-short stories, just click on the link, Except for a few details…”





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