Explore Reasons to Hire a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

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We know that traumatic brain injuries could turn a victim’s life upside down. Your life could change drastically for good. However, we find that insurance companies are always trying their best to avoid making full payments to the victims for covering the exorbitant medical expenses and losses suffered post a traumatic brain injury.

As per Webmd.com, Traumatic Brain Injury is caused primarily by some external force like a blow to your head that damages the skull that would in turn adversely impact and damage the brain.

If your insurance company is playing the mischief, remember you are not alone; you simply need to hire the services of a competent and trustworthy Hershey Brain Injury Lawyer for handling efficiently complicated compensation claims for the brain injury on your behalf. He would be demanding a fair claim on your behalf. Here are important reasons why you must consider hiring a proficient brain injury lawyer to represent you against the insurance company.

Even Mild Brain Injuries Could Transform Your Life

Usually, doctors look for symptoms of life-threatening injuries when they are categorizing brain injuries. Generally, doctors are more concerned about assessing if you require immediate brain surgery or any other life-saving procedures or treatments. They usually, do not pay much attention to the adverse impact of a traumatic brain injury on the normal day-to-day functioning of the victim. They do not bother about any ringing sensation in your ears or severe headache or the degree to which your overall personality has undergone a change.

Doctors are generally alarmed when they find symptoms such as loss of consciousness or how you are responding to different sounds and other sources of stimulation. Doctors are very much concerned about the outward symptoms like swelling, bleeding, and some other obvious damages and they even consider taking imaging studies such as CT scans and MRI while grading a Traumatic Brain Injury.

The problem is often damage as a result of a brain injury would be occurring on almost a microscopic level and they may not be even visible on the different imaging scans. This condition may be referred to as a micro-trauma and could culminate in serious symptoms while not quite evident in diagnostic tests that may result in confusion and doubt about the real severity of the brain injuries. This could trigger disputes with your insurance companies. Even very mild brain injuries could lead to life-altering symptoms like anxiety and depression, blurred vision, headaches, mood swings, personality changes, issues relating to attention, memory, and concentration, balance problems, ringing sensation in the ears, fatigue, sleep disturbances, sensitivity to sound and light, etc.

An experienced brain injury lawyer would know effective ways of tackling the sly tactics of insurance companies. He would focus on building a strong case for you and fight against the insurance agency practices that deliberately cause delay and reduce compensation.

Traumatic Brain Injury Could be Difficult to Establish

The damages caused by a TBI could be quite difficult to establish. It is quite hard to calculate accurately the monetary value associated with a relationship that got ruined because of TBI symptoms. It could be impossible to determine the exact monetary value of a reduction in attention span. You simply cannot establish a robust case unless you seek the professional assistance of an experienced and expert TBI attorney who would effectively translate these kinds of damage or harm into solid monetary losses. He would build a case for compensation for lost income or earning potential, medical treatment, pain, and suffering, occupational therapy, punitive damages for intentional conduct and grossly negligent behavior.


Insurance companies would be trying their best to take advantage of the unaware and unrepresented victims of TBI. They hardly ever offer the right compensation or fair settlements. It is best to hire the specialized services of a traumatic injury lawyer if you are looking for a fair settlement.