Fashion: Express your apparel

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Every woman or man must find some leverage between the conscious understanding of fashion and appropriate attire. of course every person for him or her self, But what happens if that being can’t really help themselves in a time of need during a fashion dilemma?

I’m sure everyone at one point in there lives wether it was during middle school or high school or even for all those late bloomers in college has gone through the identity whirlwind of finding the right thing to wear. A keen awareness on a great fashion sense is build throughly throughout the years. From influential figures in the 1960’s (ex, Audrey Hepburn) to the modern day Vision of (ex2, Sarah Jessica Parker).

Both male and female can immensely relate to the inevitable transition of style throughout the trial and error of style in years. Every Decade carries a different movement, weather it be rewardingly relatable, or just highly, irrationally wrong. lets Take a second to think. Can you remember the last thing you wore at an event where you felt underdressed and defeated in the fashion arena by every one else? Exactly, every one ladies and gentle men has been there and felt that!

Thankfully the generation that we live in today, the vision of self expression in anyone’s every day attire is increasingly more acceptable then what it was years ago. For those of you who doubt the right to wear whatever it is you feel is right, by all means please wear it!