Local LA: Men’s Guide to Summer Styles 2019

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For those who are jetting off on vacation, or simply making the most of the beaches during a well-earned break from work, here are some of the latest trends which might inspire you to give your wardrobe a bit of an update this Summer!

Men’s fashion is looking good this year, a slightly fresh, preppy look is on trend, as well as the more well-dressed, smart look making a comeback.

We take a look at the basic essentials that you need to make your Summer great.

The Shorts

Of course, shorts are essential this time of year, and you will be happy to see so many new colors are on trend this season.

The preppy look has made a bit of a comeback as of recent, meaning that chino shorts are definitely a popular look with guys this Summer.

Pastel colors are in, however, if you want to avoid looking too frat-like, then you can perhaps opt for Khaki, Black as well as Navy.

As well as the Chino shorts, athletic shorts in either mesh or sweat style can be a simple, easy option when trying to keep cool. Another trend is Athleisure, meaning you can also pair an athletic or casual short with a shirt or small jacket – and no one will bat an eyelid.

The third trend is the smart board short. With a button up style, yet made with a lightweight breathable material, the smart board short is the style you are likely to wear both on and off the beach.

In terms of the fit, a pair of shorts just above the kneecap is recommended, with a little bit of width to the bottom.

Where to Buy?

Looking for the perfect pair of Chino Summer shorts? Why not try places like Volcom,UniQlo, or a smart pair? United by Blue offer some nice styles!

The Shirts

 To match your shorts, a good shirt is needed. But what’s on trend this Summer?

Graphic T’s are out, and simple T’s are in. This can include striped styles, and basic colors – pastels are popular, as well as neutral colors.

Styles including the Polo work well with chino shorts, as well as the button-up shirt. Of course, if you are trying to dress for the heat, T’s and shirts made of more lightweight linen are best to go for, as you won’t want to sweat.

If you like a pop of color, then good news as patterned shirts are in this Summer, you know, the short sleeved Hawaiian shirt type that your pop probably wore back in his days. These can look great tucked into denim or chino short, and can be worn easily during the day as well as night.

Where to Buy?

Bonobos currently offer a funky selection of floral men’s shirts.Uniqlo also has some nice simple T’s perfect for casual looks.

The Watch

Where would a man be without his watch? As we mentioned, the well-dressed and smart look is also a big hit this Summer, and so if you want to look a little smarter, then why not invest in a new watch?

Smartwatches are popular due to their multifunctional purposes, but the classic Rolex style watch is also going to be well-worn this Summer.

If you are looking to match a watch with your Summer gear, then try shop for those with brighter colors such as those which include a color pop strap – that will definitely add something to your look.

Where to Buy?

Sell Me Watch is a great site for buying, selling, or trading in a used designer watch they have different brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet to suit you this Summer. 

So as you can see from a few of these staples, looking good this Summer isn’t going to take too much effort. Keep your options open, and opt for the more neutral colors, and please refrain from graphic Ts’!