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Find A Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Los Angeles

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Common Occurrence

The City of Angels has no shortage of motorcyclists. In fact, L.A has more registered motorcycles on the road than any other state in the U.S. With so much of this type of traffic in L.A, it is not unusual to find oneself in need of a motorcycle accident attorney. 

In this article, we’ll go over how to find a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, and we’ll even discuss some of the top firms in the area that can help you with your case.

Who Needs A Lawyer?

But what kind of situation warrants hiring this kind of attorney? It is not always clear. Many assume that minor accidents don’t require any parties to lawyer up. But even if the bodily or vehicular harm caused by the accident is minimal, the aftermath of a motorcycle accident might require legal advice on things like liability. So a driver involved in a motorcycle accident might need a lawyer if it’s unclear who is to blame for the accident, for instance. 

A motorcycle driver involved in an accident might also want to get a lawyer if they have been seriously injured, or if the accident has caused significant emotional hardship. If this is the case, a lawyer will be able to help reach a fair settlement with the other party or parties involved. 

What Type Of Lawyer?

A lawyer who deals with motorcycle accidents will likely advertise themselves as a vehicle accident or personal injury lawyer. While the latter tends to specialize in dealing with insurance companies, either will likely be able to help someone who’s been in a motorcycle accident. These types of attorneys will know how to reach the best settlement with the other parties, for instance. 

Three Firms To Look Into

While there are individual lawyers who specialize in motorcycle accidents and personal injury, Los Angeles has some entire firms that are dedicated to these kinds of cases. Below is a list of the top law firms in the city of angels that will tackle motorcycle accident cases.

JT Legal Group

This Law Group specializes in winning personal injury, car accidents, insurance claims, wrongful death. Injured in an accident. According to their webpage, JT Legal Group, a  Glendale-based boutique law firm with award-winning personal injury attorneys. Practicing personal injury since 2004. The Group has a 95% success rate.


Another good choice for a law firm for someone who’s been in a motorcycle accident is PSB Law. This LLC is known to specialize in motorcycle accident cases in particular. They are also known to advocate for innocent motorcyclists who have fallen victim to the negligence of drivers around them. And lawyers from this firm have traditionally produced excellent settlement results for their clients, with the firm website stating that over 10 billion dollars in settlement money has been earned for vehicle accident victims. 

Rose, Klein, And Marias LLP

RKM LLP is another great LA-based law firm that dedicates a lot of its legal expertise to motorcycle accident cases. They have a large team of personal injury lawyers who are up to the task and offer a free initial consultation. 




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