Finding Closure For Missing Woman Katelynn Berry

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Katelynn Berry was the daughter of Grand Forks County prosecutor Carmell Mattison and warehouse manager, Hank Berry. According to those who knew her best, she was a loving, adventurous young woman who was passionate about books, movies, and spending time with family. At the age of 26, she lived alone in her apartment in Sidney, Montana, not far from family, with whom she connected frequently.

Remains Found Near Berry’s Home

Sadly, on January 20, 2021, almost a month from the day she went missing, search parties recovered human remains not far from Berry’s apartment. They were later identified as Katelynn’s. Richland County Sheriff’s Department released the official cause of death in early March, calling it hypothermia. As of March 11, authorities were preparing to close her case. Still, those who knew and loved Katelynn wonder why and how she was found just a short distance from home and why it took search parties nearly a month to spot the remains. Berry’s mother and her Aunt, Carla Couture, recently announced plans to set up a nonprofit scholarship fund in Katelynn’s name to fund students who struggle with mental health issues.

Katelynn Berry Missing

The last time anyone saw Berry was on December 21, 2021, when her father stopped by her apartment, where he kept a classic car in the garage. In the days following, family and friends’ attempts to call Katelynn went unanswered. But this didn’t necessarily alarm anyone because Katelyn Berry frequently went on outings with friends and would be out of range of contact for days at a time. But when they’d heard nothing from her for more than a week, and she’d missed gathering with the family for the holidays, the decision was made to involve the police. She was officially reported missing by Hank Berry on December 31.

Massive Campaign Launched to Find Katelyn Berry

Over the next few weeks, law enforcement from Montana, North Dakota, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the community searched tirelessly for clues to Berry’s disappearance. Because her cell phone and jacket were found in her apartment, and only her boots were missing, the family feared she might have been abducted from her front doorstep. Katelynn’s honor set up a Facebook page to encourage tips and comments from anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious. Local and national media coverage encouraged viewers to contact the Richland County Sheriff’s Department if they had information regarding Berry’s whereabouts.