Four Things in America you won’t find In Europe

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A lot of the things you find in American homes can also be found in homes around the world. Our culture was borrowed from a mix of many European cultures and the fusion that was created has also gone on to influence many other nations.

However, there are a few aspects of American life that you just won’t find in Europe.

1. Cheap Health care

The United States has the most expensive health care in the world, much more so than many Americans realize. Americans are so used to the current system, which can bankrupt you if you need extensive treatment, that they can’t grasp the concept of free healthcare, which is offered throughout Europe.

But the idea of going bankrupt to pay for medical bills and being sent a bill after having an accident on the streets is equally alien to Europeans.

Americans like to talk smack about this free health care, because the alternative would be to admit that the US system is wrong and exploitative. But European healthcare is very good, as good as, if not better, than the high-priced US healthcare system, and they don’t need to pay ridiculously high prices for it.

2. Certain Foods

The US diet is very different from the diets of European cultures, but one of the most surprising things is the lack of English muffins in England and the absence of French toast in France. These foods are commonplace in US kitchens and we assume they have been borrowed from the cuisines that bear their name, but this is not the case.

The English incorrectly assume that an English muffin is what they call a crumpet, which is something that Americans don’t eat. It’s all very confusing.

Maple Syrup is also something that is distinctly absent from European households. A bottle of the pure stuff can cost up to $15 because demand isn’t great and it’s all imported. You will find an abundance of honey though, as well as things like Golden Syrup in the UK.

3. Tipping

Tipping is very common in the United States. It is expected, almost demanded, but in Europe, it’s a different story. They don’t tip as much and in most cases, they don’t tip at all.

But before you reel in shock and horror, it’s worth noting that many European countries have a living wage and a minimum wage. It is against the law to pay someone peanuts on the basis that they can make up the rest of their wage in tips.

The tax system is also a little more forgiving for employees who don’t earn a lot of money (click here and you’ll see what we mean) as is the case with servers.

4. Garbage Disposals

They may be common in every US household, but you will struggle to find them in Europe. European homeowners can still purchase them, but they have to buy them in especially at places like Down the Sink, they pay a fortune for them, and you will not find them as standard in homes.

In the UK, you won’t even find mixer faucets. For whatever reason, they are not standard, leading to a lot of frustration from European and Americans moving to the UK, and to countless jokes about the English and their insistence on impracticality.