Five bizarre crimes and cases involving animals and stupid humans

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Pets and criminals don’t usually go hand in hand. Many homeowners buy dogs for the sole purpose of scaring burglars away, even though most dogs would happily run up to a burglar, tail wagging, to beg for treats and cuddles.

But there have been some bizarre incidents when animals have been involved in crimes, or have unwittingly take the blame for those crimes.

A Cat Unknowingly Plots Murder

In 2012, Illinois man Brett Nash had the perfect plan to kill the man who had been sleeping with his wife. He planned to dump the man in a hot tub, throw a radio in and then toss the cat in after him, leaving a messy scene that he hoped would be blamed on the cat.

Thankfully, his absurd plot was thwarted and the cat and its owner lived to tell the tale.

The cat clearly wasn’t capable of such an act, even by accident. He was too busy taking a road trip across Nevada and being picked up on a felony DWI.

The Son of Sam Blamed Everything on His Dog

The Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, is one of the most infamous serial killers in US history. He took the lives of at least 6 people, shooting them in cold blood during a reign of terror in the 1970s.

He claimed to be a Satanist, but it wasn’t Satan’s bidding he was doing, it was his neighbor’s dog. Berkowitz claimed that the dog was a demon and that his barks carried messages ordering him to kill people in the name of Satan.

House Rabbit Scares Burglar

Who needs a guard-dog when you have a bunny rabbit? Rabbits aren’t exactly well known for being ferocious animals, but as any rabbit owner will tell you, they can be noisy and grumpy little creatures when they want to.

One of the ways in which they show their frustration, as well as their fear, is to thump with their back feet. In a wooden cage, that thump can make a lot of noise, occasionally waking owners up on the middle of the night and, in the case of one UK family, scaring a burglar away.

The family had only owned the bunny for a few weeks when a burglar snuck in, heard the loud thump of its back legs in the cage, and then promptly ran away, presumably assuming the house was haunted or that the heavy-footed owners and woken up.

Florida Man Accuses Cat of Downloaded Legal Images

After Keith R. Griffin was found with child porn images on his computer, he was quick to blame his cat. He told detectives that he often left his laptop open and that his cat liked to walk across the keys, suggesting that the cat’s paws had inadvertently accessed these sites and had used them to download over 10,000 images.

Dog Blamed for Murdering Baby

If you thought that was bad just wait, it gets worse.

In 2015 a UK couple blamed their dog for beating their baby to death. They claimed that the dog sat on the baby and caused injuries, but the injuries were far worse than could possibly be caused by a sitting canine and the couple was convicted of manslaughter.

Cat Kills Woman, Apparently

If you have ever had to clip your cat’s nails or trim its fur, you can definitely imagine it going on a killing rampage. Just one look at those eyes and it’s almost obvious to see how a little clipping can result in human genocide.

That’s clearly what Evie Pipkin was thinking when she murdered her cat after the feline had allegedly caused the death of her wife, who had fallen down the stairs. She was later arrested for animal cruelty.