Free Tows and Transit in Southern California

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Too drunk to drive tonight? The Automobile Club of Southern California is once again sponsoring the “Tipsy Tow” service to anyone, AAA member or not, requesting a free tow, of up to seven miles from point of pick-up. Beyond seven miles you will need to pay the standard rate by the tow truck operator. Between 6 p.m. Tuesday evening and 6 a.m. Wednesday Morning.

Don’t take a chance of going to jail tonight or worse, hurting yourself or others. Call 800-400-4AAA

Also, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Los Angeles County is offering free rides on all bus and rail lines until 2 a.m. Wednesday Morning, January 1.

In San Diego County the two transit systems are expanding their bus and rail services for New Year’s Eve, on into the early morning hours to accommodate all the late night revelers. Although it isn’t free, the $2.50 per ride ($5.00 for unlimited day pass) is cheaper than a DUI.

And if all else fails, call a cab.

Happy New Year!