Germany Kent to lead 4th Annual Hollywood Health Hike

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Star TV Personality, Actress, Producer multiple Award Winning Humanitarian and Best-selling author Germany Kent to lead 4th Annual Hollywood Health Hike  

BURBANK, CA  March 8th 2018.   On April 29th 2018 Ron Irwin celebrates his 73rd birthday by walking his 4th annual Hollywood Health Hike from Burbank, California to Hollywood, California on a route that is 14.2 miles.  Celebrity participation is deeply appreciated and this year a true star and genuine humanitarian Germany Kent will take the lead in promoting good health in the best possible way – by example.

“When Ron Irwin told me his story of how in 2012 he literally dropped dead from Heart Failure and shortly after was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer and finally beat it all and then went on to celebrate his 70th birthday with his first 14.2 mile Hollywood Health Hike just to set the example of what can be done I knew I wanted to be there.”  Said Germany Kent.

“I am privileged and honored to have Germany Kent join this Hollywood Health Hike because I know she is extremely busy.  Not long after the hike she will be honored with the Global Philanthropy Award from Empower Magazine on May 17th and then she will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Mississippi on 24th.”  Said Hollywood Health Hike organizer Ron Irwin.

Everyone is invited and there are no fees of any kind, no tee shirts to buy no forms to fill out.  Just come and have a great time meeting nice people, seeing nice things and beautiful scenery and improving your health.  However, Ron does request that if you wish to join this walk departing from a Burbank location at precisely 8:00 a.m. on Sunday April 29th 2018 please simply send your name and contact information to:  Upon receipt the precise departure location and route will be provided to you.  Also there is a voluntary lunch to follow at the end of the walk at a wonderful Hollywood restaurant.  That is the only cost but again it is also completely voluntary.

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