Getting The Most Out Of Your LA Staycation

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COVID restrictions are finally lifting in LA, giving city residents official blessing to begin to unwind. While proof of vaccination was still required for some indoor establishments in the city of Los Angeles under a set of regulations issued in late March, showing a bit of paper at the door gets you free, unfettered access to restaurants, bars, concerts, and more. As of April 10th, temperatures are recovering from a massive heatwave, giving us perfect weather for outdoor destinations like beaches, hiking trails, and parks. The combination of relaxed restrictions and pleasant weather means that it’s the perfect time to plan a staycation to let off some accumulated stress.

Classic LA Attractions

When you live in a city, you don’t always take the time to visit classic tourist spots. Time-honored hubs like the Santa Monica Pier, the Strand, and Griffith Park are great places to relax and unwind, even if you’re from LA. As a resident, more open-ended activities like sightseeing at the canals in Venice Beach, hanging out at the best Ventura beaches, or getting dinner downtown are much easier to execute. Disneyland and Universal Studios are great options for families, especially if you live close by and take advantage of deals for locals or multi-day passes.

If you’re trying to avoid tourist traps, consider embracing the return of live theater by seeing a play in person. Into the Woods, Rent, and King Lear can be seen in LA over the next couple of weeks, while plenty of smaller, more intimate theater companies are putting on less famous productions that are equally wonderful. Finally, you can simply pick a resort and relax. Many destinations are offering staycation day packages, letting you spend the day on the balcony by the pool at a fancy resort for a fraction of the cost of a room. If your goal is to blow off some steam, it’s a great option that will give you the full vacation feel without leaving the city.

Visiting Southern California

Staycations are stress-free vehicles for escape that don’t include the complications and cost of travel. There’s nothing that says you have to stay in your home city, however. Los Angeles is within comfortable driving distance of San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Orange County, putting beautiful destinations in all of these areas within reach of your staycation — especially if your corner of Los Angeles is particularly close to one of these areas.

Meanwhile, to the south, you have options like kayaking among the caves in La Jolla, spending the day hanging out at the museums in Balboa Park, seeing lions at the Wild Animal Park, or even seeing a horse race at Del Mar. Santa Barbara can make a wonderful day trip, giving you access to missions and beaches. While you’re there, be sore to embark on a whale-watching tour or check out a vineyard. Finally, Orange County offers a different twist on classic Southern California life, with destinations like Fashion Island, Corona del Mar, and Newport Beach offering a distinctly unique feel compared to their Los Angeles counterparts. Given the short drive from south Los Angeles, these options are definitely worth checking out at least once.

Experiencing the Best of Southern California

The county of Los Angeles has finally lifted many of its Coronavirus restrictions, making now a perfect time to visit destinations just outside LA. Combined with a return of wonderful weather after the recent heatwave, this makes the upcoming months a perfect time to plan your Southern California staycation.

Whether you’re visiting your local theater to see a play, checking out classic LA destinations and beaches, or visiting a nearby city for tours, attractions, or just a new locale, you’ll be able to unwind and relax in comfort and style. There’s a reason LA remains a popular destination for tourists and vacationers from around the world. As a resident, you can take advantage of local sights and attractions and have a wonderful staycation without leaving Southern California.