Going Deep with Best selling Author D.J. Parsons about her Breakout Book

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D.J. Parsons book More Than One Storm Coming: Women Will Decide Elections from Now On-2020 Guide just hit the best seller list on Amazon – and it is no surprise given the fact that she takes on the 2020 USA presidential election and makes it clear why women must rise up and claim their place in this election cycle and those that follow.  “Women must vote for progressive policies which are: affordable forward-thinking education, affordable healthcare for our families, safe water to drink and air to breath, treasure and care for our planet, and vote out selfish corrupt men currently in power.” We were intrigued and frankly riled up by her book so we were thrilled when she agreed to chat with us about her rather extraordinary book.

DJ Parson

Writing a book is a huge undertaking while writing this book did you learn anything new about yourself?

Yes, my life’s purpose was made clear. So much so I’m exhausted. Friends have given me She Persisted and Don’t Quit knick-knacks since 1980. Time flew with countless slammed doors. And now looking down at old lady legs I do not recognize, I’ve been driven toward the very subject I’ve avoided over fifty years; men. Were they to be my legacy? Not the Terry-Towel you could wear like a robe or the figurines of Ronald McDonald’s girlfriends (come to find out McDonald’s Corp. market is retirees not children now); or my plastic wrist cuffs to wear while you do dishes (so your sleeves won’t get wet) to name a few. After searching out for some basic religious education I wrote this book (and three prequels). Could this be my mission? To warn women there is a biological thing going on with males leading us into danger, no healthcare, no education (so no job), no safe reproductive care, no respect for wives and families?  Money-hungry and lusting for power “I dare you…” they say. These men must be reined in. We may have to die for it. I can think of one dead already. Sons must have another kind of role model than we see today in politics and religion.

What do you hope women will do with the information they get while reading this book? What about men who read it?

The book’s call to action is for women to Vote. (And stock their pantry if things go badly.) I know, boring, so I dressed it up with some humor and tried to bring history into it. Prepare for November 2020. Get registered. Line up child-care. Take the day off. Use this book as any other self-help book. This is a very personal thing. I’m of the idea women should keep their ideas and choices to themselves. Listening in on CSPAN one male caller’s aggression could hardly be contained. Males are threatened. Rich ones, poor ones, white ones, black ones, little ones, big ones. Men won’t read this book. This is something women must do without them. It’s our turn to be strong and protect them from themselves. Some women will be not participating. They have their own reasons one theory is they idolize men. When the right to Vote was won in 1920 many women did not participate then either. But we know whose names go down in history. It’s always up to a remnant.

If you could do anything in the world besides writing and do it anywhere in the world, what would you be doing and where?

I am a good researcher. I love to sort and organize, compare and deduce. I would have loved to be Sherlock. But in the here and now, I’m blown away by women coming to the forefront. No wonder the men are terrified. These women are brilliant journalists, lawyers, ambassadors, movies stars singing tear down those walls; scientists warning us about our planet. I want to be any of those. Oh, and Egypt and megaliths how did they get there? Underwater cities yet to be explored. It would be a real shame to throw us back centuries by starting WWIII and greedily carving up Earth’s resources.

Is there another book in your future?

I have a love story that needs to be written. But it cannot until men fall in love with us again.

This book is available on Amazon.