Hakkasan on Halloween: Hot and hotter

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Are you one of those people who cannot get enough of Halloween and partying? The LA Post-Examiner can’t either, so we put on our miner’s cap and searched high and low for the best nightclub Las Vegas has to offer. Hallelujah! We found the sophisticated decadence you are looking for after a lot of partying and martinis. Hey, it is a job and sometimes you have to make sacrifices, but that is why we are here.

Las Vegas has the crown jewel of parties waiting for you at Hakkasan, the pride of MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. Hakkasan is throwing what will be a legendary four-day Halloween bash that should top anything you have ever experienced.

Hakkasan Halloween Lineup 2014Hakkasan is indulgently waiting to welcome you to the final chapter of the Rise of the Empress’s Court in The Forbidden City at one of the biggest Halloween extravaganzas in the country, Oct. 30 through Nov. 2. The Golden Palace will be aglitter with candles to light your way as you join others decked out in amazing costumes to try for your chance at a share of the $60,000 in cash prizes if you are one of the lucky ones chosen by the Empress. During the Halloween celebration Oct. 30-Nov 1, she will be searching through the dazzlingly bedecked revelers for the sexiest costumes on display and, of course, since she is the Empress, her word is law.

For your entertainment, some of the best DJs in the country will be there to supply pounding music and ramp up the excitement level. In the main room, Calvin Harris with Burns, are scheduled to appear on Thursday, Oct. 30, with Justin Credible in the Ling Ling Club. Harris has a well-deserved rep as the biggest DJ in the world. Tiesto, Grammy nominee for “Elements of Life” is scheduled for Friday, the 31st. Saturday’s super DJ on Nov.1 is Afrojack, twice nominated for EMAs by MTV for Best Electronic and Best World Stage, and on Sunday, Nov. 2, it all culminates with Grammy-nominated Steve Aoli and Chainsmokers. With this much talent onboard, there should be smoke coming out of the sound system. Only the best, my dears, because you know you are worth it.

For those who are unfamiliar with Hakkasan, it’s the multi-story extravaganza of a nightclub that you could only imagine in your wildest dreams. Elegantly beautiful, and with avant-garde technology, the main room is on the fourth level with VIP booths surrounding the dance floor and visible from any point in the room. The cutting-edge DJ booths are fitted with a wow factor TurboSound Line Array System fit for any concert. Performance platforms suspended above and floor to ceiling LED screens take you above the music and into a new world you did not know existed. Above is the VIP mezzanine level with views of the pavilion and main room while still having access to the exhilaration of the dance floor. Each booth is even fitted with battery chargers for your personal convenience. You can have your own private party in the semi-private rooms on the mezzanine with your own coolers, mixology supplies, sound control and customized screens.

The Ling Ling Club is a jaw-droppingly dazzling 10,000 sq. ft. ocean of blue on the third level with 24 private seating areas and an elevated DJ booth. The lounge is self-indulgence personified with marble paneling, signature latticework, romantic candles and an intimately elegant place to have a cocktail and tête-à-tête.

The Pavilion on level four, located next to the main part of the nightclub, beckons you to a Chinoiserie designed oriental garden, but the Empress of China never had anything like this. A two-story waterfall and foliage and DJ booth add unparalleled elegance.

Rise of the Empress 2014

They also offer an enticing list of “Strength & Grace” cocktails such as Buddha’s Palm, with Buffalo Trace bourbon, Velvet Falernum, that spiced, sweet citrus syrup, yuzu juice and marmalade, white balsamic vinegar, black grapes and mint.

Last but far from least is the restaurant on the first level, Signature latticework continues the theme as it creates intimate dining spaces within the restaurant for a more personal and relaxed experience. It also has a private dining area upstairs with a view of the main room below for those who would enjoy a bird’s eye view while enjoying their meal. Michelin-starred Executive Chef Ho Chee Boon brings his vast knowledge and talents to offer an exciting menu of perfectly prepared dim sum and wok dishes. Stir-fried roast duck with ginger and pineapple, Hunan style crispy fried rockfish and the succulent stir-fried lobster with cashews and sweet and spicy sauce are just a few of the scandalously delicious things offered in this posh celebration of fine dining. The menu, in Hakkasan style, is accompanied by an amazing selection of cocktails and wines.

Hakkasan did not forget about the cocktail menu either. It is every bit as exotic as the surroundings with a hard to choose from selection of chic drinks. Cocktails from the “Elegant” list include the Return to Eden, a sensuous concoction of the light, floral St. George Botanivore gin and Crème Yvette with lychee and grape with a rose and champagne essence foam, and a refreshing Strawberry and Basil Martini, made from Grey Goose, strawberry, white balsamic vinegar and Thai basal leaves.

Hakkasan is always party central and elegance redefined, but the four-day Halloween celebration will combine luxurious service, gorgeous women, handsome men and risqué costumes along with non-stop heart pounding music to leave you breathless. Glitter, shine, show your sexiness and impress the Empress. Maybe you will hit the Forbidden City jackpot and go home with your pockets full of money.

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