Happy Mother’s Day from LAPX

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Mothers sometimes have a thankless job. Many of them have two jobs: one outside the home and the other one keeping the home humming along. Mothers are the hardest working members of society, whether they work two or more jobs or just tha important job at home.

Mothers for the most part are the primary caregivers to the children and are often primary caregivers to the sick and elderly, if they are living in the home. Show us a hard-working father and there is likely to be a wife working just as hard — if not harder — right beside him.

Moms are the central figure in most of our lives. They carry us for nine months in the womb and then spend at least 18 years doing their best to raise us right.

For most people there is no more intimate relationship than that with their mother.

With that we would like to wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day. Kick back, have a bit of your favorite beverage, go do whatever it is you do to unwind and have fun and enjoy the precious love you have with your children.