Help your skin, help women and help the world

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Is there anything better than soft, supple skin? For women, smooth, silky skin is a desired attribute. Our children stroke our faces. Our husbands caress us. Our skin is more than just beautiful. It is part of who we are as women.

Eu’Genia Shea understands this. While the company is all about Shea butter products, it is also about women — the women who use the products and the women who produce the products. To this end, the family-owned enterprise focuses on providing the highest quality Shea butter for clients. They also remember the hard work of the women who make the product, Ghanaian women. Eu’Genia gives back 15% of their profits to these women in an education fund.

The Ghanaian women are paid fair wages for their work. This provides them an opportunity to support their families – something that is not easy in this poor country. It also provides self-esteem and hope.
Making Shea butter is a tedious process of collecting the Shea fruit, peeling, boiling, cracking the nut, more boiling and seperating — a very lengthy process. The Ghanaian women work hard for their money. Eu’Genia makes sure they are paid fairly. They also make sure that the farming practices are sustainable. The results are the purest shea butter available for Eu’Genia Shea products.

What are the products available? Everyday Shea, Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter, Dermatological Strength Shea Butter and Shea Butter Gift Packs from A monthly subscription will allow you to have your product delivered to your door with free shipping. You will never run out of your favorite product. If desired, you can also order in bulk.

Everyday Shea is 82% Shea butter. Smooth it over your elbows and heels. Use it as a conditioner for your hair. Enjoy it’s moisturizing properties. It is perfect for sensitive skin.

Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter is 90% Shea Butter. Smooth this on your expanding abdomen during pregnancy to help in the fight against stretch marks. Supple skin stretches easier than dry skin. Make sure to use it after your pregnancy while skin is shrinking back into shape.

Dermatological Strength Shea Butter is 100% Shea Butter. Eczema, psoriasis and extremely dry, cracked and itchy skin will love the drenching moisture that this product provides. Smooth it on daily to heal and prevent outbreaks. Rich and creamy, this Shea Butter is a favorite of people with problem dry skin.
Help your skin. Help other women.