Hillary Clinton is at fault as well

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So it is all the fault of New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio for joking with Hillary about being on CP (Colored People) time. How can Hillary deny being at fault here when she willingly took place in a “skit” and delivered the followup line, “Cautious Politician time.”

First, it was the mayor telling people to get over it because they were just joking as part of a public function. Now it’s all his fault because he is not running for president and does not have a husband who just went off on the Black Lives Matter protesters who tried to shout him down (Bill’s response to them was spot on; his semi apology the next day was out of fear of losing the black vote for his wife).

Hillary never takes responsibility when things go wrong. She didn’t take it with Benghazi (“Get over it”), she didn’t take it with violating the law in regard to using her own private server, and she is not taking responsibility now that she has participated in a skit she would be the first to label a conservative as a racist if he/she had participated in a similar skit.  Does anyone really think Donald Trump would get a pass from the media if he participated in this skit?

While this skit is small in comparison to some of her other poor actions, it clearly shows why so many Americans do not like or trust her. It is also why she falls into the same category as Richard Nixon in the paranoia department. Like Nixon, she is very intelligent, lacking in charm, and trying to over come past perceptions from a stinging defeat in a previous national campaign.

She may well win the election this fall and follow Nixon’s path to the presidency despite huge negatives and trust concerns by the very people who elect her.

History may well be made with the election of our first female president this November. However, Hillary Clinton is more likely to follow the path of Richard Nixon and allow her natural tendency to lie and deny to be her downfall, preventing her from ever achieving greatness as a president.