Fernanda Angulo brings her young talent to the world

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Fernanda Angulo is a young, talented artist who currently resides in Orange County — about an hour south of Los Angeles. Her work is characterized by surreal portraiture that comes together in a dream-like pastiche of culture and art history. It is filled with dramatic color schemes and intricate line-work. It plays with space and proportion, but it strictly adheres to the eye’s predilection towards balance, elegance, and beauty. She was born in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico and raised in Chicago before relocating to Orange County.

I interviewed her at her art show that happened to be on her 20th birthday, and here is what she had to say:

Cat Doss: What distinguishes your work from that of other artists? 

Fernanda Angulo: Well, what I predict in my own opinion distinguishes my work. My work is how everything is “imagination.” It comes from my head. I thinking a topic or a theme; then I draw it. I also think it is elegant style and unique–a style that people will know is my art work– the small details and bright colors too. The style is like Hinduism or Mexican paintings dead of depth… it can define different related styles. It is like I travel art.


How would you describe your artistic style?

I would describe my artistic style as realism and abstract: a mixture of both, like you’re going to enter a new world.

When did you decide to be an artist?

I decided to be an artist when I was 7 years old. I would draw every day and sell drawings to classmates and win competitions in elementary school, middle school, high school, and now in college. I also sold paintings. In high school, I would participate in art shows and do anything with art. I was born to be an artist and die an artist.

How are some of your artistic influences?

My artistic influences are Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera, mainly because they are two artists with different styles and paintings. They both have more than one style!


How have your life experiences shaped you as an artist?

Throughout life, it is great to have an interesting experience. If I didn’t win art competitions or experience art classes or listen to my heart, I would not be where I am. Due to all that happened, I am a confident artist.

How has being an artist who also works in the industry affected your views on the art world?

Every painting has to do with my life story–what I remember and experience, thoughts, so in the art world, it is a view of expression and emotion and that I have all that time and now it is a new art piece. It’s an awesome experience working in the art industry because I appreciate the artwork and get ideas. I get to learn how the gallery business works too, admire art and now be selfish and think about myself (and my art).


Where do you see your career and your art going in the next ten years?

Well, I see my artwork in beautiful exhibits out of the country or in museums too. For myself and my career, I see my work in my very own gallery too. In 10 years, I will be a professional artist and have my own gallery in a city like San Francisco or Chicago.


Do you have any advice for other young artists out there trying to make it?

My advice to younger artists is: work somewhere that relates to art and always continue to do art … Regardless of whether you are in college or not, you have the talent to go out there and show it in art shows, galleries, museums, and go to art events. Promote your art! You will get an awesome opportunity, I promise! You are the performer, and the people are your audience and admirers (fans).


That is awesome advice! Where can your art be found?

My Facebook art page is here:


My Instagram is: @fernart_18

Fernanda Angulo
Fernanda Angulo

I also work at a gallery called Rainwater Gallery in Huntington Beach, CA. I display my art work for every event. You can also email me at Fernandaart96@gmail.com for more information.

All photos by Cat Doss